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Monthly Newsletter of Sports Economics : Ekospor - Issue #11 Metaversesports

Monthly Newsletter of Sports Economics : Ekospor
Monthly Newsletter of Sports Economics : Ekospor - Issue #11 Metaversesports
By Prof.Dr.Sebahattin Devecioğlu  • Issue #11 • View online
METAVERSE & SPORTS (#Metaversesports)
They are spending billions on more naturalistic interfaces; investing heavily in technologies that offer greater telepresence, or the feeling of moving physically through a virtual space. They are developing products that can be used right across an individual’s digital life.
They are working towards the ‘metaverse’ – or at least a template of it – a ‘successor state to the internet’ with ramifications for everything people do together, including sport.

Why the Sport Industry must be aware and understand the Metaverse? — LaSource
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Ekospor Sector
What play-to-earn gaming can tell us about the future of the digital economy — and the metaverse
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Nike gets ahead of the Metaverse and creates 'Nikeland', its own virtual world on Roblox
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The Sports Metaverse News!
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Metaverse: New opportunities for sports marketing | BEYOND THE MATCH – Sportsmarketing Blog
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Intro to the Metaverse | Newzoo Trend Report 2021
Calo Metaverse - Pioneering to elevate sports in Metaverse with Blockchain technology
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Ekospor Corruption
What Is the Metaverse? Where Crypto, NFT, Capitalism Collide in Games Like Axie - Bloomberg
The metaverse is just the latest incarnation of Las Vegas
Whistleblower warns of potential impact of Facebook’s metaverse project |
Opinion | Should We Be Adverse to the Metaverse?
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Does it 'Meta'​?
Adobe MAX 2019: Adobe Aero | Adobe Creative Cloud
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Ekospor | Sports Economics Networking
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Newsletter of Sports Economics : Ekospor

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