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Monthly Newsletter of Sports Economics : Ekospor-#3 Issue, March 2021 Fan Controlled

Monthly Newsletter of Sports Economics : Ekospor
Monthly Newsletter of Sports Economics : Ekospor-#3 Issue, March 2021 Fan Controlled
What is Fan Controlled Football?
Fan Controlled Football is a new league that is giving power to the fans, who make essentially every single decision from roster choices to the play-calling. It’s a small league featuring only four teams at the start, but it has some big names behind it. Owners for the teams include football stars Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch and Austin Ekeler, rapper Quavo, MLB’s Trevor May, WNBA’s Renee Montgomery, NBA 2K’s Ronnie Singh, and more.
Fan Controlled Football is a new football league aiming for fast-paced action. It’s 7-on-7 football, and it will be played on a 50-yard field. There are two 20-minute halves with a running clock, which only stops when there is a score, or at the one-minute warning at each half. After the one-minute warning, the clock will stop following first downs or an incompletion. The aim of the league is to only have games last about an hour.
There are also no kickoffs and no punts. In fact, there aren’t even goal posts. Teams will start on their own 10-yard line and try to drive 40 yards downfield for a score. Instead of a field goal for the extra point, it’s a 1v1 battle between a wide receiver and a defensive back. The extra point will have fans choose the WR and DB, and will allow three seconds for the quarterback to throw the ball. Fans will choose either a 1-point conversion from the 5-yard line or a 2-point conversion from the 10-yard line.
  • Glacier Boyz
  • Zappers
  • Beasts
  • Wild Aces
One of the more interesting aspects of this league is the fact teams switch players on a weekly basis. Teams will get two franchise players (selected by team owners) and fans get one keeper after the first game. After that, each player goes back into the pool for a redraft the following Wednesday.
As for who is playing, there were only three names I recognized while going through the league’s websiteJohnny ManzielQuinton Flowers and Deondre Francois. Manziel is a well-known name at this point. Flowers had some promise in the XFL, and Francois was a star at Florida State.
As we touched on in the players section, there will be a weekly draft to determine where players go. A few elements to know about the draft are that defenses are drafted as an entire group rather than individual players. The offensive line is also selected as a group. It’s somewhat similar to what you’d see in fantasy football drafts. The focus is on the offensive playmakers.
Calling plays
While there is more to it than just clicking a button, we’ll let this explanation from the league itself do the talking:
On Twitch and in the FCF app you’ll see Run or Pass when your team is on offense. Pick one, and you’ll see four diagramed play options. Lock in your favorite, get notified which play won the vote, and watch the play unfold on the field in real-time. 
How to watch Fan Controlled Football
Fan Controlled Football will be exclusively streamed live on Twitch each weekend.
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