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EK13 Photography Newsletter - Issue #3

Elsie | EK13 Photography Newsletter
Elsie | EK13 Photography Newsletter
These are my latest photography (or otherwise) related news and events.

Hey Happy People,
I hope that you all had a lovely time with your loved ones over the Christmas break and if you didn’t I am sorry for that.
I also hope that this year is filled with so much positivity and light as the past few haven’t been good for the most part. I just pray that moving forward we are able to cope with whatever challenges come our way.
Anyway, let us dive right into this month’s newsletter as I have a few things I would like to share. And I think I have finally figured out the structure of it moving forward. 😬 🤞🏾
Also, can you let me know if you enjoyed reading any of the issues? If you do, please share within your circles. ✌🏾
Thank you for subscribing!
Elsie x
Lastest on My Blog
EK13 | The Blog 2021 in Review
Every year, I try to do some number crunching on my blog. In case you missed it, here are my stats for 2021.
3 Financial Challenges for 2022
Latest on My YouTube Channel
Since we are still crunching some numbers, here are my stats on how I performed on my YouTube channel last month. In my last newsletter, I shared a few challenges I would like to accomplish within 90 Days.
I am already planning a few old and new content that I will be uploading on my channel in the coming weeks. Make sure you are subscribed ✅ 🔔
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Latest News and Updates Elsewhere
© Hoda Afshar, from the series Behold, 2015.
© Hoda Afshar, from the series Behold, 2015.
Photoworks Masterclasses [LEARN]
Photoworks is launching a debut program of Masterclasses and you can join their Winter School to learn more about photography this new year.
I love and appreciate seeing how affordable these masterclasses are from Photoworks.
On the Depiction of Africans in Photo Contests - PhotoShelter Blog [READ]
Repicture: A podcast of The Everyday Projects [LISTEN]
I really enjoy listening to this podcast that I have completed the first season already. Episode 5 has got to be one of my favorites as it made me think about “Whose portrait would [I] love to take?”
ParentDISABLED on Vimeo [WATCH]
Inside My Collection - Artsy [BE INSPIRED]
That is it!
If you have reached here, thank you for reading. I am currently raising funds to upgrade my website as I am setting up my PRINT SHOP which will be launching in the Spring. Your support is always welcome. 🙏🏾
See you all next month & Happy New Year!
Elsie x
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Elsie | EK13 Photography Newsletter
Elsie | EK13 Photography Newsletter @ek13_photos

Elsie is a Kenyan photographer based in London, U.K. and she publishes her latest newsletter on the 13th of every month.

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