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AI Scholar Weekly brings you everything new and exciting in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning every week for free.

AI Scholar Weekly brings you everything new and exciting in the world of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning every week for free.

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AI Scholar Newsletter Update

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AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #57

#1 New LFQA System That Tops the KILT Leaderboard on ELI5Are current benchmarks and evaluation metrics really suitable for making progress on LFQA?Open-domain long-form question answering (LFQA) is an essential challenge in natural language processing (NLP) t…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #56

#1 How I Failed Machine Learning in Medical ImagingMedical imaging is an important research field with many opportunities for improving patients’ health. However, there are a number of challenges that are slowing down progress in the field.In this paper, scho…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #55

#1 A Learnable Frontend for Audio ClassificationDeveloping machine learning (ML) models for audio understanding has seen remarkable progress in the last several years. However, unlike computer vision models, which can learn from raw pixels, deep neural networ…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #54

#1 A New Multi-agent Approach for Adversarial Environment GenerationIn collaboration with the University of California Berkeley AI Research, Google AI has proposed a new multi-agent approach for training the adversary, a publication recently presented at Neur…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #53

#1 When Attention Meets Fast RecurrenceLarge language models have become increasingly difficult to train because of the required computation time and cost. This research shows that by incorporating fast recurrent networks, very little attention computation is…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #52

#1 Google Announces Open Source Platform for Finding the Best ML ModelsIt’s not easy to design neural networks that can generalize well for various tasks. AutoML tries to help by finding the right neural network for a task without manual experimentation.Never…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #51

#1 TensorFlow 3D: Bringing 3D Deep Learning Capabilities into TensorFlow According to scientists at Google AI, 3D sensors are rising rapidly. Their growth has created a need for scene understanding technology to process the data captured by these sensors. But…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #50

#1 A Different Benchmark for Evaluating Progress in NLGThis research introduces GEM (Generation, Evaluation, and Metrics), a benchmark for measuring progress in natural language generation (NLG).NLG is a niche interest, and advances in the field will become i…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #49

#1 This New Model Achieves Comparable or Even Better Performance than CNNs for Vision TransformersTransformers are largely successful for language tasks. But, they have also been explored for vision tasks through Vision Transformer (ViT), the first fully-tran…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #48

#1 Simple yet Effective Way for Improving the Performance of GANGenerative adversarial networks (GANs) based on deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have shown considerable success to capture complex and high-dimensional image data, and been utilized in …


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #47

Google AI Research: Looking Back at 2020, and Forward to 2021In a recently published blog post, Google Research say they published more than 800 research publications in the past year.In 2020, as the world has been reshaped by COVID-19, Google says they saw t…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #46

Company Implements AI, Generates $2M in Sales and more .... in Less than 8 MonthsGoal: Pinpoint new prospects as well as re-engage qualified but stale leads to increase monthly revenue Challenge: Marketers know how well it can be a pain point when you get lea…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #45

Using AI to Support New options for HR Support in the Digital AgeGoal: To provide employees with interactive experiences and quicker, more accurate answers to questions — regardless of location, device, or time of day.The Challenge: Siemens was founded in 184…


Happy New Year!

It's a new year. I'm glad we made it to 2021! A new year marks the start of new beginnings, a clean slate, and an abundance of new opportunities to be, and do. This year, make a decision to stretch yourself. Dig deep and go beyond what you think you can achi…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #43

Dell Uses AI to Increase Conversions +45%The multinational leader in technology, Dell, empowers people and communities from across the globe with superior software and hardware. Their marketing team suffered the challenge of declining engagement with their co…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #42

Mercy Transforms Operational Efficiency in 15 Emergency Departments (EDs) Across the SystemGoal: Drive performance in Emergency Departments( EDs) across the systemThe Challenge: With a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in place, Mercy one of the largest he…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #41

A global professional services firm used AI to quickly and accurately spot potentially non-compliant activitiesGoal: Analyze compliance and financial risks in real timeThe Challenge: International due diligence involves exhaustive research. More than 40,000 g…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #40

AI Machine Learning Solution Detects Check Fraud for a Global BankGoal: To identify and reduce fraudulent checks in real-time, speed up check verification and lower costs.The Challenge: Even with lower check-processing times due to electronic payments and aut…


AI Scholar Weekly - Issue #39

Storebrand achieved a significant ROI and experienced a 162% increase in customers engagement in just 4 months after implementing an AI agent Goal: Increase capacity and automate responding to an ever-growing number of customer queries without the need to ram…