An indie iOS developer journey 👨🏻‍💻

By Edouard Barbier

I’m Edouard, an Indie iOS Developer & Serial App Maker from Belgium. In 2015, I started to teach myself how to make iOS apps. In 2018, I left my job at Google to pursue the indie lifestyle.

This newsletter will include tips, mistakes I’ve made and tons of experiences I can share with others including a roadmap to escape the 9 to 5 and build products for a living.

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 IndieDev Tips #8 - Guide to MVP • Part 6: How to (not) MVP

Hi guys, I’m back with the next episode in my guide to MVP. It’s a bit of a special one because I've had a bit of a setback and I wanted to use this opportunity to share what happened so you don’t make the same mistake. Today, I’ll get into 2 main lessons I l…


 IndieDev Tips #7 - Guide to MVP • Part 5: My UI Design approach to ship faster.

Hi there, Welcome to Part 5 of my Guide to MVP. So far, we came up with the idea (Part 1), validated the idea (Part 2), mapped all the cool features this product could benefit from (Part 3) and learnt to say ‘No’ to ourselves and focus on our Minimal Feature …


 IndieDev Tips #6 - Guide to MVP • Part 4: Minimal Feature Set

Welcome to Part 4 of my guide to building Minimal Viable Products. If this is the first email you’re getting, feel free to catch up on Part 1, 2 and 3 here first.In part 3, you’ve gone full on creative mode and listed all the cool features you could build for…


 IndieDev Tips #5 - Guide to MVP • Part 3: Mind mapping features

Hey! I'm back with Part 3 of my Guide to MVP. Today we’re diving into concrete stuff as we start mapping features for our app. At this stage, we’re going to think about user stories and there won’t be any limit. Do not think about design, do not think about b…


 IndieDev Tips #4 • Guide to MVP - Part 2: Validating ideas

Hey, welcome back! Let's continue working on your MVP.


 IndieDev Tips #3 • Guide to MVP - Part 1: Finding ideas

Hey, welcome back! Let's talk about finding ideas.


 IndieDev Tips #2 • Diversified portfolio vs. Big idea: the right approach.

As a solo-maker, it's a question worth looking into as you will eventually be confronted with new ideas... trust me you will as you'll explore new niches & interests, fail, test things, learn about new topics... and when they do strike you, it'll be criti…


 IndieDev Tips #1 • Balancing a day job and side projects: Pay yourself first.

Early mornings, evenings & weekends are all you’ve got to make a difference. Use them wisely. Making time for your side projects will require sacrifices and proper planning. My first pro tip in this new series of post is pretty straight forward but very o…