Newsletter of #ECSJ2022: final day of registration including excursions!





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Newsletter of #ECSJ2022: final day of registration including excursions!
This is the day you knew would come: the final day we can accept registrations for the ECSJ conference day on 12 July 2022 and the option to register for one of the not yet fully booked excursions and field trips on Monday 11 July (the one on Sunday is completely full).
So: register before midnight today! Which means: 23:59 CET, June 26.
  • Excursion highlight: COVRA, Nuclear Waste Storage
  • Excursion highlight: Naturalis Biodiversity Centre
  • Sponsor: Universities of the Netherlands
  • Updated Programme (including a block schedule!)
  • Leiden City Map & important locations

COVRA, nuclear waste storage
In the city of Leiden everything is walking distance, at least: conference wise. Below a simple map with the 3 most important locations. In the South, the Kamerlingh Onnes Building, or KOG. The main location for everything.
For example, if you want to know more about the storage of nuclear waste:
Nuclear energy is a divisive issue in the European Union and one of the culprits is the disposal of nuclear waste. This excursion will bring you to COVRA, the Dutch organization responsible for the temporary storage of nuclear waste. On the way we can do a short visit of the Eastern Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier.After a tour of the facilities we will have a discussion about the possibilities of the permanent disposal of nuclear waste with a representative from COVRA and with Manuel Sintuban professor of geodynamics at Leuven University. Also invited is a representative from Posiva, the organization responsible for the final disposal of nuclear waste in Finland
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre
Or you want to visit the beautiful new science centre Naturalis (and get a sneak peek behind the scenes):
Naturalis Biodiversity Center won the European Museum of the Year Award in 2021, but it’s more than just a beautiful museum. It holds one of the largest and most digitized natural history collections on the planet, and hosts a few hundred researchers – from classical taxonomists to eDNA specialists to Big Data architects. In this excursion, you will get to know all sides of this institute.
Universities of the Netherlands
We’re proud announcing our latest sponsor: the Universities of the Netherlands (UNL), where all 14 Dutch universities work together. UNL will present itself during a lunch session on the Conference Day (12 July). So if you want to know more about any university in The Netherlands and what kind of research they do, check them out during lunch!
Programme update
The final programme is ready. Yes, that should be celebrated! 🎶
We hope to see you soon in Leiden and nudge your colleagues to choose their excursions! Before you know it, it is too late. Check out the programme on the website (and check the different tabs too!) and/or download the Conference Schedule in PDF.
A basic map & most important locations
Leiden City Map: locations
Leiden City Map: locations
Leiden City Map on Open Street Map Walk from Leiden Central Station to KOG building takes between 12 and 17 minutes.
Hope to see you all soon in Leiden! 😀
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Newsletter of ECSJ 2022 Leiden, The Netherlands

The European Conference of Science Journalism @ECSJ2022 organised by @VWN in Leiden the day before ESOF 2022

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