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Newsletter of ECSJ 2022 - Investigating Science

Newsletter of ECSJ 2022 - Investigating Science
This is the first newsletter of ECSJ or the European Conference of Science Journalism 2022: ‘Investigating Science’. This is a good opportunity to introduce ourselves, look back on what we’ve done so far and a look ahead at what’s coming!
In this newsletter:
  • Who we are
  • The road to ECSJ 2022
  • What’s coming up?
  • Helping the conference organization?
  • Supporting the conference
  • Partnering organizations

Who we are?
The ECSJ 2022 is generally organized by an association of science journalists around the same time and in the same country as where ESOF is held. In 2022 ESOF is in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands, which means the Dutch association of science journalists and communicators (VWN) organizes the event. Long story short: the Dutch setup a programme committee and they’ve quietly been working on the conference since the beginning of this year to set up a programme aimed at the profession of science journalism, with workshops, lectures and panels covering the conference topic, ‘Investigating Science’.
Why this theme? A brief excerpt from the website: “…in a time when ‘just follow the science’ has become a matter of fierce political debate, conspiracy theories and even riots in the streets, science journalism needs to rethink its position in the complex force field between following and investigating science.”
As it is an event for science journalists from all over Europe, we are not only the Dutch association, but working together with members of the European Federation for Science Journalism or EFSJ which combines the expertise of 7 European associations.
The road to ECSJ 2022
ECSJ 2022 will be a full conference day on Tuesday July 12th, preceded by two days of field trips and social events for science journalists from all over Europe (Sunday and Monday).
Elisabeth Bik is the keynote speaker for ECSJ 2022. Bik is a Dutch microbiologist who was a researcher at Stanford University till 2018, after which she became a full-time science integrity consultant. She founded the blog Microbiome Digest and is very active on Twitter. She was recently awarded the John Maddox Prize.
The ECSJ website is also live now, with more information on speakers, sessions, and activities coming soon. If you want to keep up with the developments around ECSJ 2022, make sure to keep an eye on new editions of this newsletter or follow the Twitter account.
What's coming up?
Apart from the programme, we will soon get back to you on how you can participate in the conference, including an early bird rate.
We are also working on numerous travel grants, so everyone can participate in the conference.
At a later stage we will announce the various excursions and field trips and how to participate in them.
Of course we don’t know what the pandemic will bring. We all hope we will be able to meet physically and safely.
Helping the conference organization?
As you can see, a lot of things have to happen in the near future. We are still looking for those who can assist us with:
  • Travel grant applications
  • Social media and/or press releases
When you have a great idea for a workshop, lecture or panel, let us know! Just reply to this newsletter or email us at
The same email address can be used for all other questions regarding the conference.
If you are interested or know someone or some organization which might be interested in supporting such an event, don’t hesitate to contact us on for a detailed supporters outline.
We expect an attendance of around 350 science journalists from all over Europe and there are many ways of supporting our event.
Partnering organizations
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Newsletter of ECSJ 2022 Leiden, The Netherlands

The European Conference of Science Journalism @ECSJ2022 organised by @VWN in Leiden the day before ESOF 2022

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