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Newsletter #ECSJ2022: European Science Journalist o.t. Year Award Ceremony during evening cocktail - Issue #6

Newsletter #ECSJ2022: European Science Journalist o.t. Year Award Ceremony during evening cocktail - Issue #6
Time for an update on the European Conference of Science Journalism! So let’s have a look on some highlights:
  • European Science Journalist of the Year Award, with a shortlist of five possible winners!
  • Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW): Ecology from soil to sky
  • #ESOF2022: Free for Journalists! Don’t forget to register
  • and last but not least: only one week left to register for #ECSJ2022 and attend excursions. So check out the excursions here and secure your ticket!

European Science Journalist of the Year Award
The European Federation for Science Journalism has revealed the 2022 shortlist for its prestigious European Science Journalist of the Year award. This year’s award has been sponsored by Elsevier, and by the Association of British Science Writers. The winner and runners-up will be announced at an awards ceremony held during the Evening Programme of the ECSJ in Museum Boerhaave!
Check out the five finalist on the EFSJ website or the press release on EurekAlert!
Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Ecology from soil to sky
Soil biodiversity is becoming more important by the year now, with European legislation on soil health in the making. At one of NIOO’s field locations, the function of soil biodiversity is studied for 25 years already. Including the impact of soil transplantation, to boost the natural ecosystem on degenerated places. This long-running study, so necessary to discover long-term effects in ecology, is even surpassed by another one in the same national nature area The Veluwe. You’ll find the subject up in the sky: songbirds, breeding in nest boxes and contributing to a 70-year database of one of the longest running series worldwide. Together with a more recent but unique experimental set-up on the effects of light pollution on nature, and a visit to the stunning sustainable research institute itself, this field trip will give you close-up insight into biodiversity and the study of the effects of climate change, shifting habitats, extreme weather and more.
NIOO is a research institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. More info:
ESOF: don't forget to register
ESOF, or EuroScience Open Forum, starts the day after the European Conference! Registering for journalists is completely free, so don’t forget to register for ESOF as well. Click ‘Media Registration’ on the registration page:
DON'T forget to register for #ECSJ2022 in time!
We just say it again: when you want to be able to attend one of the excursions, you have to register before Monday 27th of June!
So nudge your colleagues and science journalist friends, rent BnB’s together, share car rides, book train tickets or maybe even a hotel with a spa!
Courtyard Boerhaave Museum
Courtyard Boerhaave Museum
Worried about Covid? We follow the rules by the Dutch ministry of health and have some extra precautions on site. The evening cocktail at Museum Boerhaave is outside in the museum courtyard, so loads of fresh air to interact with your fellow science journalists.
Last but not least..
We welcome our latest sponsor, Universities of the Netherlands, where all 14 Dutch universities work together. They will present themselves during the conference lunch in a talk for those interested and more!
A brief oversight of all partners:
Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to use the info email address at!
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Newsletter of ECSJ 2022 Leiden, The Netherlands

The European Conference of Science Journalism @ECSJ2022 organised by @VWN in Leiden the day before ESOF 2022

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