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Weekly newsletter of Ecoafriq - Issue #1

Weekly newsletter of Ecoafriq - Issue #1
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Vintage never get old, it’s timeless. The craftsmanship that goes into making our bags ensures waste is kept to a minimum. Details are everything!
We take into consideration the environmental impact, choose quality and sustainable materials to make our products. Zero waste fashion and a Plastic free shop, are goals we always strive to accomplish.

Vintage shopper handbags
Vintage shopper handbags
Craftsmanship, Backpacks
Our backpacks are the modern man’s must-have, cause a man’s style is part of his identity. Our range includes exceptional offerings that fits perfectly. We design for the adventurous and minimalist in you, with enough space for your IPAD, laptop, files and wallet. Ecoafriq’s bags will take you in and out of the cosmopolitan landscape. We use materials that have been carefully selected to suit the changes within our environment. We use strong, sustainable, durable, waterproof materials to ensure your backpacks and rucksacks are suited for any occasion.
Men’s leather canvas backpacks
Men’s leather canvas backpacks
Cork leather handbags
Cork leather handbags
Cork is a valuable material with great qualities..
* As an all-natural material, cork does not contain heavy metals or harsh hormone-disrupting chemicals 
*Cork is impermeable to liquids and resistant to moisture.
*Cork is organic and a sustainable material suitable for vegans and environmentally friendly.
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Slow Fashion and EcoFashion-Made with Organic and Recycled Materials... “Pour la santé de notre planète!” 🪡🧵🧶📸

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