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Ecoafriq eshop - Issue #9 Handmade - Think different.

Ecoafriq eshop - Issue #9 Handmade - Think different.
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When work is done by hand, less energy is taken in comparison to a mass production assembly line. The aim of mass production is to manufacture goods at the lowest cost possible while turning out highest volumes of products. The textile industry can never become boring, plain, old or repetitive. Every new trend becomes easily accessible because mass production has made products cheaper, and given us fast fashion. We are left begging for more, spoilt with choices. This advantage helps fulfill worldwide demands, but nature and human lives suffer.
The biggest disadvantages of this method of production is the toxins that have negative environmental impact, workers rights and tons of textiles thrown away, creating a lot of waste.
Straw bags
Straw bags
Handmade products are unique, maintain centuries old traditions alive, keep artisans in work and employment and have become the most preferred personal gift by many. 
In fashion there will always be trends, but handmade products are made with an awareness of the planet and artisans skills. The focus is to sell and promote supporting craftsmanship and creativity. Instead of placing focus on offering the largest variety of accessible products, the practice of handmade emphasises on selling products that are made using traditional skills, art and sustainable materials.
Before fast fashion became popular, people had a much greater appreciation for garments. Collectively, we had the skills required to mend a seam, a rip and replace a button because we prioritised durability and high quality materials. Fast fashion made cheap plastic based fabrics be the stars of our wardrobes.
At Ecoafriq we focus on creativity, recycling, helping the environment by avoiding waste and use sustainable materials to achieve quality in our work. We express art just the way we like it and contribute to nature’s wellbeing. Our business is based online and this make it possible for us to sell and deliver our goods worldwide. Each product made has a story behind it, as it’s all about how materials are sourced?, how employees are treated, how our customers are effectively helping to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and improve attitudes towards sustainability.
Vintage unisex backpacks
Vintage unisex backpacks
It’s all about understanding the environmental impact from the textile industry and respecting the materials used in production, as well as time and efforts spent by workers who make our products. We also appreciate the power that consumers decisions has to make change happen for the benefit of our environment. We give better options when it comes to fashion. Help us continue our work. Sign up to support Ecoafriq!
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