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Ecoafriq eshop - Issue #8 Sustainable Summer - The Revolution.

Ecoafriq eshop - Issue #8 Sustainable Summer - The Revolution.
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Fast fashion has created an environmental and social justice crisis. It’s demand has created millions of tons of textile waste in landfills. Most consumers have no idea of the impact because fast fashion brands don’t market their ill practices. They are only interested in mass production of cheap fashion and making sales. Fast fashion represents thousands of liters of water, countless environmental hazards and tons of waste.
Slow fashion is a healthier, conscious alternative to fast fashion. It’s a concept that promotes nature’s wellbeing, climate crisis, craftsmanship, creativity, human and animal rights, quality instead of quantity and sustainability. Supporting slow fashion means selecting long-lasting fashion that’s well made and value people and the planet.
Ecoafriq’s summer/ spring bags and accessories are hand crafted with carefully sourced materials and natural substances (vegetable dyes) that are safe for the environment, using craftsmanship and centuries old techniques to make products. Our products are unique, promotes artisans skills, offer higher quality and more attention to details. We favour slow fashion and practises that promotes nature’s wellbeing.

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Raffia fibres are soft, durable, and easy to dye and made from Raffia palm mostly grown in Africa and Asia. It’s one of the materials we favour for our summer/ spring trends. The fibres are truly invaluable because they don’t shrink with moisture and pliable enough to weave. The flexibility of the raffia fibre also make it an excellent material to make baskets, hats, mats and bags. Raffia is also very useful in agriculture ( it’s used to tie vegetables and plants) and very popular to use as ribbons around boxes and candles.  Be a part of change & share moments. Sign up now to support our work. Be a part of change & share moments. Sign up now to support our work.
Our artisans enjoy working with raffia and appreciate it’s sustainable qualities. Whenever something is made at our workshop, a part of the artist is reflected in the product. We take pride in each finished product because it reflects our hard work, creativity and vision. Our artisan team connects the African heritage of the past with our experience of the present, have a unique relationship with materials and are experts in paying attention to details.
By supporting ecoafriq, you’re keeping craftsmanship traditions alive for future generations. The artisans use all their abilities to create beautiful items that celebrates their craftsmanship. They have imagined each piece, from beginning to end. The thoughtfulness extends to the buyer, who appreciates all the creativity and efforts. When buying a hand crafted item you are supporting and encouraging our artisan team to keep going. Each sale makes a huge difference in their lives. You are helping fulfil dreams and support our team to keep doing their work. 
Craftsmanship still has relevance in today’s culture, we hold it in high esteem, it’s of great pride to our work and we see it as the marking of luxury. There’s nothing more satisfying than creating an original work, it’s a calming and fulfilling experience. It feels us with pride every time we hold a finished piece of craftsmanship in our hands and know that’s our creation. It is part of human nature to value the creative spirit. Creators of handmade items care greatly about the quality of the materials they use. We invest time to research and look for recyclable packaging, local producers and eco friendly suppliers. The better the materials, the better the end product.
People all over the world are embracing things that are made by hand in small quantities. More and more people are willing to be educated about the value of an item that is made by hand. Our customers have shared with us, about how much they value and admire the arts and beauty in our products.
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