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Ecoafriq eshop - Issue #16 Connect with Autumn!

Ecoafriq eshop - Issue #16 Connect with Autumn!
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Autumn is a time for cozy colours- brown, orange, red, yellow and more. The temperature becomes colder, nights are darker and longer, Halloween is around the corner and there’s a general feeling of new beginnings.
The falling leaves don’t just look beautiful, but some believe they may also bring you good luck.
Autumn is an exciting time. The season brings creativity and our food and fashion takes on a new meaning. It’s a time we get to indulge in pumpkins, dinners by the fire, family, watching movies snuggled in blankets and the wind blowing through leaves.
At ecoafriq we celebrate Autumn by sharing designs that exude fun colours and warmth. We have created products that will go well with your wardrobe and we imagined each piece as a product that can easily be used for most occasions, day or night. Consumers are more considerate with the products they choose to buy and are looking for timeless items. We offer such products as we celebrate nature’s change by producing accessories, bags and backpacks that are bold, mindful and of high quality.
We offer designs that are comfortable, practical and worth the money spent because we want you to have a level of cool that will last you a lifetime.
Our world is changing and we are experiencing lessons about how precious our environment is. Consumers are looking for products that reflect this change and even more want to be a part of the solution to help humanity and nature prosper and become healthier. How we shop matters and can have a positive environmental impact.
Retro men’s leather backpacks
Retro men’s leather backpacks
Our popular fashion items perfect for the Autumn season are the:
•Insulated stainless steel Travel mugs (Reusable, promotes hygiene and dishwasher safe)
•Felt IPAD briefcase (made with upcycled wool and wood fibres, unisex bag)
• Cork leather handbags (Biodegradable and vegan material)
• City travel backpacks (Adjustable strap, inner pockets, laptop/ IPAD space)
These items are still available - check: to see and learn more about our products.
Fashion has been in development for centuries. We have learnt, and are still learning so much about fabrics, slow fashion and sustainability because quality fashion should not cost us the Earth. Our craftsmanship is focused on producing products that recognise the urgency to improve our environment for humanity and wildlife’s survival, OR face a polluted, damaged future.
Vintage crossbody bag
Vintage crossbody bag
Unisex leather backpacks
Unisex leather backpacks
Our world is confronted by biodiversity loss, climate change and ongoing socio-economic situations (growing unemployment, discrimination, overpopulation, unsustainable business practises). We all have the responsibility to promote the restoration of natural resources and reduce the harmful impact of unsustainable natural resources use. Consumers are becoming more aware of their responsibilities to change and are looking for products that have a positive environmental impact on our planet.
Support Slow- fashion, Support Handmade!
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