Ecoafriq eshop - #5 Strength grows when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway.


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Ecoafriq eshop - #5 Strength grows when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway.
By Ecoafriq • Issue #5 • View online
Strength grows when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway.
Our resilience is often tested when life circumstances change unexpectedly and for the worse. We all have issues, demands upon us, illnesses, losses, pain and vulnerabilities. The rise of Coronavirus left us all with many emotions that go beyond sadness, including anger, guilt and frustrations. We are exhausted, fear and isolation are triggering mental health conditions. 
Our world and personal circumstances defines us. Growing the ability to create you’re inner strength requires the ability to examine your ego’s desires, emotions and you’re own blind spots. Conscious choices about what environments we choose to blend with, influence who we are. Practising self acceptance and being kind to yourself when things don’t go as planned it’s a very important part of building inner strengths. We have to acknowledge and embrace our imperfections, cultivate a sense of purpose, try different learning tactics and view challenges as opportunities.
Change is hard, NOT impossible. Strength is a concept open for interpretation.
One of the major reasons we struggle with change is because of uncertainty. When we greet uncertainty and the unknown with self care and support, we have a much better chance of maintaining our mental health during major life changes. Inner strength means the possession of self discipline, resilience, perseverance and the ability to control unnecessary and harmful impulses and habits. When you are clear on what matters most to you, your inner strength and power can draw from those values to get through rough times quicker. You must recognise the core values that resonate with you and not hold onto the values that you think you should resonate with.
Ideas to practise to help build you’re strengths:
  1. Self care. Get a good night sleep, maintain a healthy diet (plenty of water throughout the day, reduce your sugar intake) and exercise. Physical fitness and a balanced diet can help boost you’re mood and you’re body in countless ways.
  2. Be open minded. Allow yourself to learn new skills and show yourself what you are capable of by regularly stepping outside your comfort zone.
  3. Learn to say NO. It’s OK to say no without apologising, justifying or explaining your choice.
  4. Set new goals. Stop postponing that one task that scares you the most and create a plan of action to accomplish your goals.
  5. It’s OK to ask for help. Part of being strong and independent also means knowing when to reach out for support. It’s okay to be vulnerable and seek help from friends, family and professionals.

Life is too short to hold on to past hurt. None of us know when our time is up and there is so much beauty in the world that will be missed if you keep living in the past. The world is a noisy place. It’s important to set aside time to completely unplug from everything, connect with nature and just sit with your thoughts.
City life can be challenging, adds pressure to many aspects of a person’s mental state, but living in a more ‘green area’ can boost your mental health. A garden, a little bit of green space or even houseplants can convey positive spaces, minimise the stresses of everyday life and the long term costs in mental health.
Being outdoors and enjoying nature is just as important. Nature offers gentle, more relaxing stimuli. Several scientific studies have proven that looking at images of nature or going for a nature walk, can improve and build you’re memory. Spending excessive time indoors and not taking regular excursions into nature can have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing.
When you’re immersed in nature, you boost the power needed to build resilience and inner peace. This experience often causes your perspective to shift, as you realise how small your individual life can seem in light of millions of years of evolution, the infinite variety of landscapes and countless numbers of species. It’s impossible not to be awestruck by the beauty, size and power of the natural world.
You feel humbled by so much vitality and intelligence, yet empowered and discovering yourself in nature.
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Parque Nacional do Quicama, Angola
Parque Nacional do Quicama, Angola
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