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#SpacesWithGamor - Intro & February's Bamba

E.A. Gamor
E.A. Gamor
Hello! Welcome to my Revue space, and I hope you enjoy your stay. 
#SpacesWithGamor curates conversations online and in-person that leverages tech, culture, and, connections from Africa to the rest of the world.
We had our intro session on 6th February and a discussion on Story Boarding with Akua Nyame-Mensah (@akua_nm). 
Click the link below ( and join the conversation if you missed out!

Follow on Twitter @eagamor
Follow on Twitter @eagamor
This space has ended: 🎙 The Intro Show w/Akua Nyame-MENSAH #SpacesWithGamor
⚡ Highlights
  • There is no wrong or right idea. It just depends on the context it is created in
  • Theme-setting is very essential
  • Recognizing if anything that you are human and that they’re going to be peaks and there’s going to be valleys in that you’re not going to be in.
🎶Song of the day
For The Love Of Chocolate 🍫
This session had Kwadwo Agyekum (@aeagyekum) and Mabel (@chocolateshop_) dissect the issue on the fruit of the month… Cocoa!
If you missed out, you know what to do. (Click the link below)
Ghana & Chocolate, a match made in heaven
Ghana & Chocolate, a match made in heaven
This space has ended: For the Love ❤️ of Chocolate🍫 #SpacesWithGamor
⚡ Highlights
  • Chocolate is defined by its colour. It is defined by the ingredients.
  • Quality chocolate has two main ingredients. The cocoa mass and the butter. If it is more milky, you have to question it.
  • Chocolate is more than a sweet. The bitter, the better
🎶Song of the day
For the Love of Innovation 🖥️
In the spirit of love, Isaac Newton Acquah (@isaacnewtonIII), Philip Ashon (@kofiashon), Allana Finley (@afosterfinley), and Michele Clarke- Ceres (@clarkeceres) took our community through the path of innovation.
Mind-blowing and eye- opening!
Click link to listen
Innovation #Mastery
Innovation #Mastery
This space has ended: The Love of Innovation ✨ #SpacesWithGamor
⚡ Highlights
  • The joy is in the doing
  • Anybody can innovate and you don’t have to complicate it
  • Innovation is making something ready at the right time for the right audience
  • Innovation is about taking risks. If you are not taking risks, you cannot encourage others to do so
  • We have been innovating in this space for a long time. Collaboration is key. Look to those who came before you
🎶Song of the day
Ghana’s Role in #BHM ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Ghanaians in every essence of the word do form part of the definition of black in Black History Month. Click the link below to listen to Ernest Yeboah (@ernestoyeaboah), Hornsby Sarpei (@ybsnroh) and Rosa Armstrong (@efuarmstrong) dissect the why’s and how’s of Ghana’s place in this celebration
This space has ended: Ghana’s 🇬🇭 role in #BHM #Highlights
⚡ Highlights
  • We should be able to understand ‘Blackness’ outside the American concept
  • Ghana is the spiritual home for most black diaspora people 
  • We at Ghanaians can’t leave ourselves out of #BHM  because of the historical ties
  • Ghana was the birthplace of reclaiming black power
🎶Song of the day
🗣️Wanna speak?
#SpacesWithGamor is welcoming interested persons who want to join in the conversation. Just click the link below and let’s get talking!
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E.A. Gamor
E.A. Gamor @eagamor

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