By E.A. Gamor

Digital platform conversations on monthly themes that foster collaboration in physical and meta-physical spaces.

Digital platform conversations on monthly themes that foster collaboration in physical and meta-physical spaces.

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Angels #SpacesWithGamor - Issue #25

Investing and raising capital for our dreamsEveryone would love ready access to a pool of resources; and, access to cash especially would be great to live up to their dreams!In a world where ideas are a dime a dozen, there is an uptake in competent people abl…


#SpacesWithGamor - Intro & February's Bamba

There is no wrong or right idea. It just depends on the context it is created inTheme-setting is very essentialRecognizing if anything that you are human and that they're going to be peaks and there's going to be valleys in that you're not going to be in.


Spark Joy ✨ Collaboratively

Preamble: It has been a surreal & busy last 6 weeks, having the opportunity to live what I had imagined was a “future” aspiration, a decade ago, as an avid user of social media and early digital professional to sign on from a Florida Gators .edu account.


Learning Pathways

At a high-profile conference, Davos 2019, on a panel discussing my research on the now ratified African Continental Free Trade Agreement, I lamented on the lack of learning platforms and resources for the continent’s youth to participate in trade liberalizati…


Our ancestors' wildest dreams

“We Are our ancestors’ wildest dreams, but we don’t know that unless we learn what our ancestors went through.” - Monita K. Bell


Digital You

“What can you share (in my case, teach well) with your eyes closed and within a moment’s notice?”


Unpacking Enterprise

With the recent announcement by @Jack, CEO of Twitter, to have the tech giant’s HQ Africa operations setup in Ghana (and the many re-ignited “Jollof wars” inspired by Ghanaians, Nigerians, Senegalese and not-so-unbiased commentary on social media), this week …



At the sidelines of the last World Economic Forum on Africa in 2019 B.C. (Before Coronavirus), my good friend and newly appointed Heavy Chef Foundation chair, Lukhanyo Neer introduced me to Fred Roed & the crew. This multi-stakeholder dialogue and the mon…


A New Leaf

New resolutions and the euphoria of a new year notwithstanding, 2021 has started off feeling like the B-side of a 2020-mixtape.



“…and we have to be patient, and it’s not over until every vote is counted.” - Joseph Robinette Biden (former USA Vice President & President-Elect 2020)



source: Facebook Certified Community Managers website


Community Champions

September has always been a fascinating month in my personal life as it represents the four weeks where I celebrate the birthdays of my loved-ones the most! Birth dates of my grandfather to both my parents: mom, dad; my young sister, and loved ones, the list …


Pivot, Adjust to the "New Normal"

During my reflective practice this month, I carved out specific space for 4th quarter goals ahead of September’s work. Nothing about our 2020 has been normal, and I suspect very little in the way we work, communicate, appreciate, and negotiate digital; shall …


Supportive Steps

In a recent report by Facebook, OECD and World Bank, Global State of Small Business: shares the devastation the pandemic has had on small businesses globally with up to 60% closures, directly correlated to lockdown measures in countries up to date. “The surve…


Black Enterprise

The Black Lives Matter movement #BLM, rekindled by the unfortunate death of many black people, most noteworthy the 8 minutes 46 seconds knee-on-neck strangulation of George Floyd has the entire world interrogating racism and colonial structures that have, and…


Difficult Dialogues - Action Matters

Personally, June has ushered in a wave of emotions - some fresh wounds due to racial and class equity, & old hurt - that I hope to heal in this unpacking podcasting, professional advocacy, and writing process. To you, on this Unpacking Africa journey with…


Happy Africa Day

As we celebrate the strides towards a consolidated African economy community, and recognize the many strides made in the past;


Learning Journeys

In adjusting to this “new normal” I have found it comforting to hear from peers also navigating through these hours-days-weeks-all-meshed-in-one virus prevention routine. With a myriad of different government regulations on lockdown and economic recovery, it …


April fool; May we rise.

As we take stock of the last 30–45 days, we will look back at this time marked by the Coronavirus pandemic across generations, with mixed reactions. Mostly characterized by our collective worry and anxiety, anguish, mourning, the admiration and heroism of our…


Health Insights, Misinformation during #Covid19

Extended (partial or full) lockdowns are becoming more commonplace across the world as our lived-experiences in many countries. I dunno about you, but for me, navigating through each day seems more like an unending week without the same pomp-and-excitement wh…