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October 24 · Issue #8 · View online

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NGINX is one of a handful of servers written to address the C10K problem. Unlike traditional servers, NGINX doesn’t rely on threads to handle requests. Instead it uses a much more scalable event-driven (asynchronous) architecture. – Nginx

The Architecture of Open Source Applications: Nginx
The C10K problem
High-Performance Server Architecture
Operating Systems
I/O models in Linux
Controlling nginx via Signal
最近看了《UNIX网络编程 卷1:套接字联网API》, 英文名叫 Unix Network Programming 啦,后来上网查了查, 一般都叫 UNP 逼格会高一点, 就像 APUE 一样。 他们的作者都是 W. Richard Stevens。 另外,他也是 TCP/IP Illustrated 的作者。 靠,看完作者简介,简直崇拜得五体投地了。说说这本书中比较让我印象深刻的内容吧,我只看了书中关于关于 TCP 和 UDP 的主要部分,略过了一些章节,所以可能有一些遗漏:
  • TCP 和 UDP 的工作过程
  • TCP 连接在“非正常”情况下的工作状况
  • 各种 I/O 模型(阻塞/非阻塞/IO复用/信号驱动/异步)
  • 守护进程和 inetd 的工作原理
  • 服务器程序设计范式
  • 客户端程序设计范式
读《UNIX网络编程 卷1:套接字联网API》笔记:
Architecture of a Database System
Data Structures and Algorithms
Understanding the Nginx Configuration File Structure and Configuration Contexts | DigitalOcean
Understanding Nginx Server and Location Block Selection Algorithms | DigitalOcean
Concurrent Programming for Scalable Web Architectures
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