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Deployment - Issue #15



December 19 · Issue #15 · View online

Email digest of dylanninin

Software deployment is all of the activities that make a software system available for use. – Wikipedia

A Byte of Software Deployment
HOWTO Use Python in the web — Python 3.5.1 documentation
Understanding and Implementing FastCGI Proxying in Nginx | DigitalOcean
湾区日报是如何运作的? | 湾区日报 Blog
Operating Systems
Learning to Read x86 Assembly Language - Pat Shaughnessy
Neilpang/ An ACME Shell script, an acme client alternative to certbot :
A Beginner’s Guide to the True Order of SQL Operations – Java, SQL and jOOQ.
The first release candidate of Redis 4.0 is out - <antirez>
Data Structures and Algorithms
Greedy is Good – topcoder
漫画家 @tango2010,以寥寥数笔便可描绘平凡生活,融想象力、平常于一体,简单而不失韵味,风趣而富有情调。
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