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DV Radio - What Is Memorial Day?

DV Radio
DV Radio - What Is Memorial Day?
By DV Radio • Issue #13 • View online
This weekend is not an easy for almost all Veterans, Families with Veterans, and so many more. Join us as we try to put some discuss a few things about Memorial Day as well as laugh at the good times.

Memorial Day
On Monday, May 30, 2022 at 2000/8PM Eastern on DV Radio we will be having our annual Memorial Day Barracks Party. Thus far, we have only heard back from one Patreon member as well as one partner/affiliate. This isn’t to say that no others that we reached out to will not be there, but don’t expect it to be full of many past guests.
We have scheduled two hours (as per usual) for the Memorial Day Barracks Party but, again, this does not mean we will fill up the entire two hours as this is depending on how many people drop by, things going on in the lives of the hosts/guests and other factors.
We would love for you to join us Monday evening (if you’re able to do so) and if not because you’re observing/celebrating Memorial Day with friends, family, etc., the turn us on and have us playing in the background. We will try our best to NOT be too depressive but we have to speak about the things that Memorial Day is about, that doesn’t mean we’re not going to have fun!
So please tune in Monday, May 30, 2022 for the Memorial Day Barracks Party only on DV Radio!
Tonight at 2000/8PM Eastern we will be going live on DV Radio with our annual Memorial Day BARRACKS TALK. As always we try not to be TOO depressive but we do need to discuss a few things before we have a ball, as it were, so please be prepared for a “dark” moment but don’t fret! We’ll be laughing, learning, and hearing stories beginning tonight for Memorial Day!
With tonight’s BARRACKS TALK at 2000/8PM Eastern on DV Radio, we’ll be joined by Brad Stinson (The Mortgage Marine) to discuss the VA Home Loan and he’ll have his own guest to help us discuss the meaning of Memorial Day with us.
You can chat with hosts and listeners while listening on our website found here. If you need to listen on your mobile device, and it’s a great addition to any get-together, you can do so by getting the RadioKing app and searching “DV Radio”. For a quicker way to use the RadioKing app, click here.
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