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DV Radio - Two new Live Shows!

DV Radio
DV Radio - Two new Live Shows!
By DV Radio • Issue #15 • View online
Tonight is an all new (and live) BARRACKS TALK!! Sunday morning is an all new (and live) Affinity Protocol! Are you caught up on the latest news and podcasts?

Affinity Protocol Sunday Morning | 10AM Eastern
This week’s Affinity Protocol (hosted by the Affinity, Inc. Team) is all new and the crew will be discussing V2 of the Affinity Coin. The crypto world, just like all technology, is always changing and Affinity is no different, but it is! Find out Sunday morning at 10AM Eastern the who, what, when, where, why, and how V2 is happening with Affinity!
Please be sure to tune in tomorrow morning [Sunday, May 22, 2022] at 10 AM Eastern to join the Affinity Innovations, Inc. team and others as they discuss what they’re doing in the crypto world and much more!
There isn’t a ton of new things going on, at the moment, but we can tell you that we’re going to be graced by one of the Affinity Innovations, Inc. core team members tonight at 2000/8PM Eastern.
Along with that, we’re almost positive that Oink, SGT WarDawg and Bo will be on but who knows? It could be the best shitshow on this side of the Veteran Community Interwebs that you’ve ever heard!
So be sure to tune in tonight at 2000/8PM Eastern either on the DV Radio website (where you can chat along with hosts and listeners). Or use the FREE RadioKing app on your favorite mobile device to listen in while you drive across the country, play outside with the kids, or you have us on in the background whilst you work in the shop.
Memorial Day Barracks Party Podcast
We had a lovely Memorial Day Barracks Party this past Monday. Although a few weren’t able to make it, Mike Guardia sent in an MP3 to speak to the listeners while PTSDog, Mrs. Phester, DV Mayhem, Betsy Ross, Karla, Oink and others joined for the live portion of the show. It wasn’t filled with music this year (we just cannot pay the music licensing fees) but we had some great discussions, a few laughs, and remembered our fallen brethren.
The podcast will be available within the next few days for you to listen to and we hope you are able to enjoy it as we did making it.
*NOTE: Memorial Day merchandise items will be available through June 8th when they will be replaced by something else.
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