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DV Radio - Our Biggest Sale EVER!

DV Radio
DV Radio - Our Biggest Sale EVER!
By DV Radio • Issue #31 • View online
It’s been two months since our last newsletter, we apologize for that! But never fret, we’ve got your Six and you’ve got a TON of money to save coming up THIS WEEK!

Click the image to order custom wood pieces for yourself, family, friends and clients!
Click the image to order custom wood pieces for yourself, family, friends and clients!
Backpacks For Life Fundraiser
Every year we try our best to do a fundraiser alongside Backpacks For Life in order to grab their backpacks (made specifically for the homeless) and then, hand those backpacks out throughout the year. This year, we’re needing to raise the funds and we’ve not put a dent in it yet! So far, we’ve raised $225 of the $3,200 goal which will cover the costs of the backpacks and care packages in which we will handout with the backpacks. Care packages leftover will be handed out as well.
We know you have a lot going on, we know the economy has seen better days. Please do NOT give if you cannot afford to. You and your family comes before ANYTHING, we mean it. That in mind, if you are able to donate then we ask that you do so at If you do no feel comfortable giving via Ko-Fi, please send it via PayPal (found here and let us know in the “Notes” section what it is for so that we can count it towards the goal.
If you want to know more about Backpacks For Life and the amazing things they do, please check them out here.
DV Farm Septic System
If you missed what’s going on at the DV Farm, you can hear all about it in the latest video on the DV Farm Facebook page. Simply, we cannot open full operations until the septic system is fixed and up to code (the property is very old and hasn’t been updated, this is NOT our fault).
For more information about the DV Farm Septic System and how you can help out, head over to the DV Farm website here.
DV Radio - Our Biggest Sale EVER! | Revue
Winter plans and goals DV Farm Septic System Fundraiser:: DV Shirts & Hoodies:: | By DV Farm | Facebook
Help Change Unchained Make A Change
Change Unchained is one of our new “favorite” organizations and we say “favorite” because we really don’t like to use that word because we love everybody we work with, truly. Change Unchained is a nonprofit 501©3 that is helping to fight against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. If you miss when we had Chief Troy on BARRACKS TALK, you can hear it here.
We take this subject SERIOUSLY and is a part of the reason we wanted to begin DV AGAINST DV and you can help us to help Change Unchained make a change in a survivor’s life by purchasing DV AGAINST DV merchandise. Every last cent of profit that we make between now and the end of 2022 will go DIRECTLY to Change Unchained.
Help The Jaeger Foundation!
Whether you need to add some stuff to your own kitchen or need some gifts for friends and family, you can grab some as well as helping The Jaeger Foundation through our sister Betsy Ross this month!! So get your kitchen gadgets, gifts, and more here!!
BARRACKS TALK had to skip a week because we were all dying, hear about it and more in the latest BARRACKS TALK here.
Affinity Protocol had to cover a lot this week because somebody wanted to be a jackass, find out exactly what happened right here!
This Friday, we’re having our BIGGEST SALE EVER!! For 24 hours, your order is 35% off! 35% OFF OF EVERYTHING!! Be sure that when you visit the DV Radio Store, you click the “Redeem” button in the top-left corner so that you get to take advantage of this HUGE PROMOTIONAL OFFER!!
(Subject to change at any time without notice)
35% Off Everything:
November 25th
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*Grab some merchandise and help us continue DV Radio! What is free for you is NOT free for us to create and continue. All of the monies made from the DV Radio Store go directly back into DV Radio and not one cent is paid to any host.*
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Click the image to order custom wood pieces for yourself, family, friends and clients!
Click the image to order custom wood pieces for yourself, family, friends and clients!
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