DV Radio - New Look, Same Dsyfunction!


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DV Radio
DV Radio - New Look, Same Dsyfunction!
By DV Radio • Issue #30 • View online
DV Radio has a brand new look but we definitely didn’t change how dysfunctional we are! We also have updates on DV Farm’s website, promotions, and Affinity Protocol!!

New Look, Same Dysfunction!
As most of you know this week, we changed the entire look of DV Radio (which is why we were offline!) and we have to say, it’s going pretty damn well thus far! This Saturday will definitely test the new servers and how people feel about it as we’ve only gotten a few comments related to feedback (mobile and computer) so tune in this Saturday at 2000/8PM Eastern for BARRACKS TALK [live] and let us know your thoughts!
If you’ve not seen the new website look, have a gander by going to it right now here!
Also, many had been complaining about the chatroom on the old website and there wasn’t a whole lot we could do. We truly tried to fix mobile response but the old site host just wasn’t having it with our coding. With this new host, it seems that the coding is working tremendously with mobile response! But to be sure, let us know if it’s any better or worse on your mobile device!
*NOTE: If you are still seeing the old website, please clear your browser history and cache of any “dvradio.net” hits you may have. Then, close your browser(s) completely and reopen it/them and navigate to “dvradio.net” as this SHOULD fix this issue.
DV Farm & DV Main Websites
Last week, we were supposed to (also) have DV Farm and the main Dysfunctional Veterans websites switched over to the new webhost but, sadly, this did not happen as some unforeseen events stopped us from doing so. With that in mind, we are going to try to start switching DV Farm and DV Main over beginning this Monday (October 10, 2022). If you navigate to “dvfarm.org” or “dysfunctionalvetearns.com” during these times, please be aware that you may see broken links, new website layouts, and that the email (for DV Farm) may not be working at this time.
We ask that you wait AT LEAST 72-hours before sending ANY emails to DV Farm, including using the contact form. This is due to us changing servers which will inhibit the ability for us to send or receive emails for at least 72-hours. Also, please keep a lookout throughout all of our social media pages for posts and/or videos letting you know when the change is fully finished. We make also ask you to resend emails just in case they were missed. If we get duplicates of an email, it’s OKAY and we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.
Help Change Unchained Make A Change
Change Unchained is one of our new “favorite” organizations and we say “favorite” because we really don’t like to use that word because we love everybody we work with, truly. Change Unchained is a nonprofit 501©3 that is helping to fight against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. If you miss when we had Chief Troy on BARRACKS TALK, you can hear it here.
We take this subject SERIOUSLY and is a part of the reason we wanted to begin DV AGAINST DV and you can help us to help Change Unchained make a change in a survivor’s life by purchasing DV AGAINST DV merchandise. Every last cent of profit that we make between now and the end of 2022 will go DIRECTLY to Change Unchained.
Affinity Protocol
If you’re not familiar with Affinity Innovations, Inc. then you’ve definitely missed that they just released their corporate website recently! Have a look at what they’re doing by going to it here.
Although this week’s Affinity Protocol (from Affinity Innovations, Inc.) will not be live, it will be airing at its usual time of 10AM Eastern this Sunday on DV Radio. Please tune in (especially if you’ve not before) and chat along in the chatroom on DV Radio’s website as this helps us to gauge how well a show is doing and whether or not to continue opening chat for all on these scheduled show days. Chat (as well as everything else within the website) does cost us (DV Radio) money so please help us out with interaction during show days!
Affinity Protocol will resume it’s normal, regular schedule this Sunday (at 10AM Eastern) and then, two weeks after, should be live unless something comes about that it cannot be. If you’ve not listened to any of Affinity Protocol’s episodes yet, be sure to head over to DV Radio’s Podcast page on Podbean and listen now!
Upcoming DV Radio Store Promotions
If you’ve missed the monthly promotions for the DV Radio Store, we’ve got you from now until December 4th, 2022! The promotions are as follows::
(These are subject to change at any time without notice)
15% Off Everything:
October 5th - 9th (CURRENT PROMOTION)
Free Standard Shipping:
October 19th - 23rd
20% Off Everything:
November 2nd - 6th
20% Off Everything:
November 15th - 20th
35% Off Everything:
November 25th
15% Off Everything + Free Standard Shipping:
November 28th - December 4th
Additional Links
*Grab some merchandise and help us continue DV Radio! What is free for you is NOT free for us to create and continue. All of the monies made from the DV Radio Store go directly back into DV Radio and not one cent is paid to any host.*
DV Radio, LLC | DVR Store
How to Listen & Support DV Radio
DV Radio
DV Farm
Affinity BSC
Home - Affinty Innovations Inc
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Get 15% off ByteTag by clicking the image or using DVRadio15 at check-out!
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