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DV6 is in Colorado, Google is at the “Animal House” in Gilsum, and we’re gaming it out for the DV Farm!
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Click the image for Streamlabs Charity
Click the image for Streamlabs Charity
Grow The Farm Gameathon
This weekend is the annual gameathon for the DV Farm and it’s one that we look forward to every year! (Among others, of course.) Join Affinity Innovations, Inc., Arctic Reaper, Reddkneck, and anjievolpe on their twitch streams as they game it out to raise funds for the DV Farm. We will be putting up a graphic depicting their schedule as well as where you can tune in (on twitch) to watch them stream and they will have the (only and official) link for Streamlabs Charity so you can donate directly to the DV Farm. No monies will exchange *hands* between any of the streamers and DV Farm, Streamlabs Charity will give it directly to the DV Farm when you donate via the link available!
*If there are any other links claiming to be for the DV Farm donations that we have not announced [or are not on any of our social medias/websites] then DO NOT DONATE TO THEM! That means it is a scam*
Can I Join The Gameathon Still?
You certainly may do so but we cannot guarantee that we can help promote your stream however, we will see the streamers’ twitch names (on our end) and we can thank you via a post and on our show after the gameathon has ended!
DV6 Needs Gas Money!
This year’s road trip has, truly, been one for the books. We’ve had more troubles on this road trip than previous years and it isn’t because we didn’t plan ahead… we actually do plan these trips out WELL in advanced and down to the last cent. That being said, unexpected events occur and this year is NO EXCEPTION! DV6 has made it to Colorado but, that doesn’t mean he is out of the woods yet. Having lost all of his food due to his refrigerator blowing itself up, problems with the truck as well as camper he is in a bind presently. If you ARE ABLE to donate a few dollars towards gas for the trip and so he can make it back to New Hampshire, we’d greatly appreciate it. While he is on the road, he cannot access the DV Farm funds easily so it’s best, if you can, to donate directly to DV6’s PayPal which can be found at this link.
If you cannot donate, do not feel bad! We do NOT WANT ANYBODY putting themselves into a BAD POSITION! Take care of you and yours BEFORE you help the DV Farm or ANYBODY! Please!! If you do give, we want to thank you in advanced and we will also thank you publicly!
Game It Out With Affinity & Bo!
On July 22nd, Affinity Innovations, Inc. will be doing their Affinity Friday which means it falls in-line with the start day of the Grow The Farm fundraiser! Some of the Affinity Innovations, Inc. crew as well as Bo will be gaming it out on Affinity Innovations, Inc.‘s twitch (here) to help raise funds for the DV Farm. So come join them and we might even get a few games in over the weekend as well! The twitch stream will begin at approximately 2100/9PM Eastern.
Where Are The Podcasts?!
They’re coming! Bo had some stuff going on, personally, and still does but he will be publishing BARRACKS TALK and Affinity Protocol over the next 48 hours (respectively) unless something interferes with that. If that does happen, we will update you all!
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*Grab some merchandise and help us continue DV Radio! What is free for you is NOT free for us to create and continue. All of the monies made from the DV Radio Store go directly back into DV Radio and not one cent is paid to any host.*
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