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DV Radio - It's Been A While

DV Radio
DV Radio - It's Been A While
By DV Radio • Issue #28 • View online
It’s been about a month since we last sent out an email (See? We don’t spam you!) and we’re here to give you a few updates!

Help Change Unchained Make A Change
Change Unchained is one of our new “favorite” organizations and we say “favorite” because we really don’t like to use that word because we love everybody we work with, truly. Change Unchained is a nonprofit 501©3 that is helping to fight against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation. If you miss when we had Chief Troy on BARRACKS TALK, you can hear it here.
We take this subject SERIOUSLY and is a part of the reason we wanted to begin DV AGAINST DV and you can help us to help Change Unchained make a change in a survivor’s life by purchasing DV AGAINST DV merchandise. Every last cent of profit that we make between now and the end of 2022 will go DIRECTLY to Change Unchained.
What's Going On?
A little of everything with a lot of nothing. [insert laugh here]
In all seriousness, DV Radio is going as it has since the great “Social Media Purge” not long ago, we’re just making it. We’ve added a lot to the store (new designs), we’ve been working with Affinity Innovations, Inc. (making designs for them as well via Munkee Bawlz Media), and we’re getting closer to making DV AGAINST DV a full-on reality!
DV6 nearly died (you can hear about that here), we’ve made some new friends (listen to them here and here), we’re building a relationship with Change Unchained (listen about their work here), and we even coaxed Betsy Ross and Jon of the Jaeger Foundation to join BARRACKS TALK recently! You can hear Betsy’s interview here and the last episode of BARRACKS TALK will be available later this evening or early Wednesday morning.
So You Are Making Money Now?
We’re making enough to scoot by but it’s not even close enough to pay the bills to keep DV Radio keeping nor is the items sold for Betsy Ross, PTSDog, SGT WarDawg, DV Farm or DV AGAINST DV enough to send to them on a monthly basis so if you want to help DV Radio or any of those Veterans and organizations out, please do so by purchasing some items from the DV Radio Store here.
What's The Point Of This "Update"?
Basically, we’re just letting you know we’re all still alive and things are running “as they should” for the most part. We are hoping to get Eliza Bleu and a few other people on to discuss things dealing with trafficking, survivor’s stories, and much for DV AGAINST DV but it’s hard when nobody wants to help tell those stories for free. And if anybody wants to make money off of any of this, we’re not going to work with them… Point-blank. There are no exceptions unless you count us helping 501©3 nonprofits that are actually helping survivors. Other than that, no monies will be made off the stories of survivors, survivors, nonprofits, or any entity that deals with any part of what DV AGAINST DV is.
We do want to know what you’d like from DV Radio, truly. What is it you like and dislike about DV Radio? What do you want to hear from us? If you have people that you want on DV Radio, have THEM to reach out to US. We’re always open-minded and we will welcome any and all persons to DV Radio, whether it’s having them as guests, to work with us, make original shows, or to bring their shows to our platform. Also, we love you fucksicles and hope you’re enjoying your week so far!
Additional Links
*Grab some merchandise and help us continue DV Radio! What is free for you is NOT free for us to create and continue. All of the monies made from the DV Radio Store go directly back into DV Radio and not one cent is paid to any host.*
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Get 15% off ByteTag by clicking the image or using DVRadio15 at check-out!
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