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DV Radio - ENHANCE Your Weekend!

DV Radio
DV Radio - ENHANCE Your Weekend!
By DV Radio • Issue #23 • View online
It’s another weekend full of live shows, promotional offers, and more!

This Saturday, at 2000/8PM Eastern, is another live episode of BARRACKS TALK! We’re not too sure what’s going to happen, who all will show up, or what the crew will even discuss but you’re sure to be left scratching your head while doubled over holding your ribs from laughter. What could possibly go wrong?
Be sure to tune in Saturday at 2000/8PM Eastern for an all-new (and live) episode of BARRACKS TALK on DV Radio!
DV Farm Gameathon
Click the image above to register
Click the image above to register
If you are a streamer and want to help raise funds for the DV Farm this year, please join us by registering at this link here and we’ll try our best to let others know that you’re streaming to help raise funds.
Registering is NOT required but it helps us figure out how many people to expect, make a schedule for those that want to view streams, as well as help promote some streamers.
*We make no promises to contact all streamers that register*
Affinity Protocol Gets Enhanced!
Affinity Innovations, Inc. has a lot of things going on from building products for the crypto world to educating the public about what’s the latest in technology with a few patents pending, and they’re not stopping!
This Sunday, at 10AM Eastern, Affinity Protocol (Affinity innovations, Inc.) goes live with their SPECIAL GUEST Chase Coleman of Enhance, a low-tax non-tokenomics multi-chain asset focused on providing cutting-edge integration of Web 2.0 into the Web 3.0 future. (Find out more about Enhance here.)
It’s already a done deal that Affinity Protocol is going to be one to tune in for so don’t miss it happening this Sunday at 10AM Eastern ONLY on DV Radio!
What's Upcoming?
You’ve already read most of what’s upcoming but we do have some merchandise items you may not be aware of (available now) as well as coming out VERY SOON as partnership with Affinity Innovations, Inc. so be on the lookout for that in the coming months. Betsy Ross has some merchandise items sitting in the DV Radio Store and if you’ve not yet read her (quite relatable) FIGHT series, please check it out here and leave a review.
PTSDog also has merchandise sitting at the DV Radio Store alongside the Road to Recovery shirt for the DV Farm and DV AGAINST DV merchandise.
All monies for Betsy Ross, PTSDog and DV Farm (100% unless otherwise noted) goes DIRECTLY to those places/individuals; DV Radio keeps NONE of their proceeds whatsoever. There is also a promotion happening this July 4th for 22% off. We HATE capitalizing off of ANY holiday but we were asked by you, the community, to let you know when the store throws up promotional offers so this is your shout-out to the offer.
Other than that, and for now, there isn’t much going on that you need to worry your little eyes and ears over! Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to reach out to a brother, sister or yourself for any reason whatsoever. Everybody needs a shoulder at some point.
Additional Links
*Grab some merchandise and help us continue DV Radio! What is free for you is NOT free for us to create and continue. All of the monies made from the DV Radio Store go directly back into DV Radio and not one cent is paid to any host.*
DV Radio, LLC | DVR Store
DV Radio
DV Farm
Affinity Innovations, Inc.
T-shirt and other products are available now
T-shirt and other products are available now
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