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August is full of promotional offers at the DV Radio Store and if you missed the airings of BARRACKS TALK & Affinity Protocol, they’re up on podcast!!
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Click the image to start saving!
Click the image to start saving!
This month, at the DV Radio Store, you can save on shipping and up to 20%!! We try, our best, to let you know when promotions are happening at the DV Radio Store but we sometimes fail, we apologize for that. But we made sure that we let you all know that this month, you can save nearly all month! Just be sure to click the “Redeem” button in the DV Radio Store and the promotional offer will automatically be added at check-out.
All monies made through purchases at the DV Radio Store either go directly back into DV Radio (no staff makes one cent), to their respective owners (IE: PTSDog, Betsy Ross), or that nonprofit (IE: DV Farm) and those that sell at the DV Radio Store get 100% of the profit, DV Radio does NOT take one cent from them!
So whether it’s DV Radio, PTSDog, Betsy Ross, or some other merchandise you grab at the DV Radio Store, you’re helping them continue their mission and grow! Be sure to let your friends, family, brothers & sisters know about this month’s savings!!
Did You Miss The Shows This Week?
Don’t fear, we’ve got your six! BARRACKS TALK & Affinity Protocol were great episodes this week and if you’ve not already, be sure you’re subscribed on Podbean here so you never miss another episode.
On BARRACKS TALK: The boys took the low bar and moved it to the absolute lowest they could, and that wasn’t even five minutes into the show!! Have a few laughs with the BARRACKS TALK crew and forget about your demons for two hours.
On Affinity Protocol: Affinity was joined by Adam Bergman! As always, the show focuses on the guest rather than “Affinity” and a lot can be learned from Adam as well as opening you up to other perspectives. 
Please remember that any information in this show are given strictly as educational and informative purposes only, using them for your own and personal investment decisions is done so at YOUR OWN discretion.
No Spotify?!
Nope. And the question you’re asking now is, WHY?! Because we have so many shows that are over 83 minutes long. “You can split them up, simple.” Maybe for you, but we have over 700 episodes and it’s not going to be as simple as splitting those episodes up because it takes us downloading them, editing them, reuploading them and inputting this or that on top of losing ALL of the listens and it screws with algorithms. So you can thank Spotfiy for being that way.
We are however, on other places like Pandora, Amazon, Listen Notes, and various other places (where the community has given our RSS) so you have a lot more to choose from than you think!
And no, we are no longer uploading to YouTube as less than a few seconds was being monetized and the fact that a company is making money off of our work, which is usually 60 minutes and more and we used less than five seconds of their *product* is not fair to us nor you, the listener when you are forced to watch an advertisement under the guise that it’s going to DV Radio which, we never were paid for ANY of our shows.
Additional Links
*Grab some merchandise and help us continue DV Radio! What is free for you is NOT free for us to create and continue. All of the monies made from the DV Radio Store go directly back into DV Radio and not one cent is paid to any host.*
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Get 15% off ByteTag by clicking the image or using DVRadio15 at check-out!
Get 15% off ByteTag by clicking the image or using DVRadio15 at check-out!
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