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DV Radio - 20% Off Because You're The Best! We Love You, Uncle Phester.

DV Radio
DV Radio - 20% Off Because You're The Best! We Love You, Uncle Phester.
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The DV Radio Store almost always has a promotion, but for the next few days (until June 14) you are invited to get 20% off ! Please, if you have the time, finish this newsletter as Uncle Phester was our brother and he would want you to spend two extra minutes reading this newsletter so that he can talk about how us assholes are just being crybabies.

20% Off?! This Is Ridiculous!
Aye, it is Cap'ain! But we know not everybody has the luxury to pay full price for the things they want so, we try our damnedest to give you every chance to get our products at a discounted price. So from now until June 14 (Tuesday) you can get 20% off of your entire order on the DV Radio Store. Simply go to the store, here, and press the “Redeem” button at the top of the store banner and add whatever products you want! The 20% will be taken from your order at check-out if you followed the instructions!
*We cannot give you money back if you fail to use the redeem button.*
Uncle Phester
On January 05, 2021 we lost a part of our family. We lost a brother. We lost a loved one. A husband was left. A father took his last breath.
As his wishes would have it, Uncle Phester requested to do one more show before he took his last breath and we done everything in our power to make it happen. We had planned to do a final show with Uncle Phester a day or two later but, as Uncle Phester dictated our lives at that point in time, he snuck up on us and made us do it on that Tuesday. Nevermore and JJ (PTSDog) made it a point to get to his bedside so that we could broadcast a live show with him.
After arriving and setting up, we went live as soon as Nevermore told Bo they were good-to-go. After Bo introduced everybody, Uncle Phester smiled and completed his last show with DV Radio.
Since then, there isn’t one day that goes by that us at DV Radio aren’t thinking of him. His wife, Mrs. Phester (a.k.a. Mama P.) is a part of the DV Radio Family as much as Uncle Phester was and is. He may not have served in the military but he served his country as a fireman. He sacrificed his life every single day for the community and we couldn’t be more proud, honored, and have the pleasure of having him as a part of the DV Radio Family.
In memorandum of our brother, we created a t-shirt just for him. We tried our best to give Mama P. the proceeds but she wasn’t having it as she said Uncle Phester would want DV Radio to continue and that we better use it to keep the lights on. We done as we were told because we keep our promises and we promised Uncle Phester that, so long as we were all breathing, we’d try our best to respect his last wishes.
June 27th is Uncle Phester’s birthday and on that day we will bring back Uncle Phester’s t-shirt. There it will stay unless something happens to the DV Radio Crew. (We’re quite sure that they all have it in their Wills that this shirt is to stay and be available for all for the end of time.)
This newsletter isn’t an easy one to write but it needs to be done. We know it isn’t easy to listen to, but if you’d like to hear the last show with Uncle Phester, please do so by going here. If you want to hear Mrs. Phester and the Frag Out Drag Out crew discuss Uncle Phester and how much he meant to each and every one of use, listen here.
New DV Radio Store Designs & Products!
As much as we want to offer every product and design that we’re able to, it just wouldn’t make much sense seeing as how we normally get less than 10 orders a month (if any at all). But with that in mind, we do try to switch it up now and then like right now!
Currently, we have the DV Radio “In Space” design which you can buy in either (two sizes) a poster or magnet! We also have the “I Listen to and Support DV Radio” design as (again, two sizes) of buttons and stickers (three different finish options). We’re looking at a few other things to bring forth but until more interest is shown in products and/or designs, it’ll be kept to basically what you see.
Saturday evening at 2000/8PM Eastern is an all-new and live BARRACKS TALK on DV Radio! We have something planned but you’ll have to show up and listen if you want to know what it is.
Additional Links
*Grab some merchandise and help us continue DV Radio! What is free for you is NOT free for us to create and continue. All of the monies made from the DV Radio Store go directly back into DV Radio and not one cent is paid to any host.*
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