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dshaw—A List

July 5 · Issue #5 · View online

Open Source Leadership and Strategy. Always bet on #nodejs! ✨

Current status: ✈️✈️✈️
We have completed the first half of the calendar year 2018 and, wow, has this been a big year for travel. June brought me to Europe with visits to Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Italy, Geneva and Austria. It was a joy to connect with folks who are passionate about Node.js, the open web and open standards throughout the world.
July brings me to kicking off a new Open Source company. I’ll begin to share more at Node Summit. Expect public details around JS Interactive. If you have needs around Open Source, Open Governance and Open Standards, now is a great time to reach out to discuss.

Sponsor Message:Woebot - Mental health impacts us all. https://woebot.io/jobs.
 versus Reference Implementations
Always Forward with dshaw: Architect's View on Frameworks
 versus Reference Implementations on Crowdcast Always Forward with dshaw: Architect's View on Frameworks
 versus Reference Implementations on Crowdcast
Be sure to join Tara Z. Manicsic on Tuesday July 10th at 10am PT for #dshawaf6 for an in-depth discussion on Modules (both ES Modules and CommonJS Modules) with Myles Borins, Jordan Harband and CJ Silverio. Topics and agenda for the show are open. Save your spot for the live show.
dshaw Hacker Bio
I was honored to be the first Hacker Bio. So much of what I have learned along my professional journey has been through what others have shared. I was a great pleasure to give back to those who come after me.
Dan Shaw | Hacker:Bio
Accountable Company - On the Microsoft acquisition of GitHub
Microsoft has just acquired GitHub… and that’s a good thing. Now what?
Accountable Company – Dan Shaw – Medium Accountable Company – Dan Shaw – Medium
I share my experiences of why I think this acquisition is a good one for all parties. Continue to read here.
Strategic Initiatives
ECMA and TC39
Members of the Node.js project have begun engaging with TC39 helping better define the needs of the ECMAScript spec and the JavaScript language as it evolves. Much of ECMAScript’s history and evolution has been defined by the needs of browser vendors. Today’s full stack world has evolved and Node.js is directly hosting or indirectly executing today’s JavaScript tooling. The need for collaboration is greater than ever.
Standards and Governance for Node.js and the Web Platform
TC39 - ECMAScript
  • JUL 24-26: TC39 65th meeting - Redmond, CA
  • SEP 25-27: TC39 66th meeting - New York, NY
  • NOV 27-29: TC39 67th meeting - Cupertino, CA
Global Political Action
Dan Shaw
I am profoundly over worrying about being political. The hypocrisy, racism, xenophobia and general de-humanization taking place in my country and around the world does not represent me. Inaction allows it to represent me. Continued inaction will only empower those who wish harm.
✊The global political scene has reached a breaking point. In my opinion, we can no longer sit idly by with the hope that someone else will solve the issues we are confronting. We must act.
Dan Shaw
A big thank you to @tadams0620 who introduced me to the work of #MarkLindeman and @philipbstark on risk-limiting audits as a mechanism to provide assurance that election outcomes are correct.

I have investments and consulting agreements with some of the companies mentioned in this post. I was not compensated for this post, but would love to talk to you about sponsoring if you’re interested. They’re good companies Brent.
Thank you for reading. Stay up-to-date with dshaw — A List.
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