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Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag - Issue #14

Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag
Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag
Happy New Year!

Looking back!
2021 has been a year of struggles, opportunities, challenges, and surprises. No matter what the balance of these has been for you, we should not forget the losses during this pandemic. Lives have been lost, livelihoods have been destroyed.
The so-called “new normal” appears to include that we have stopped paying attention to more than 4 million casualties. The majority of these casualties could and should have been prevented. That is the “new normal” we are not including in most conversations.
2021 has also been a year in which those who do not have enough had even less, and those who have too much had even more. Life has become more about some of us and not about all of us…
Looking forward
The second year into this pandemic created a wave of digital innovations which include more of us into our highly connected and virtual world. Automatic captions on videos, virtual conferences, and even live streams are one of the most visual improvements.
Imagine how great that is for the more than 5% of the world’s population with hearing loss and another 8% with hearing difficulties! Yes, there is such a thing as tech for good and there is even such a thing as tech for accessibility.
Unfortunately, there is also a lot of misusage of the label tech for good, just like there is a lot of inappropriate claims of inclusion, accessibility, sustainability, and whatnot. In addition to pushing forward with innovation that benefits all of us and not just those who can afford it, we also need to focus on transparency and making sure that the essential inclusion is more than just PR!
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Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag
Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag @

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