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Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag - Issue #13

Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag
Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag
What a year…

2021 - a year like no others
Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, (social) media has been full of claims about “new normal” and “post pandemic” throughout the year. And the “wonder of it all” is that in most claims the prediction is that technology will play a significant role, employers have suddenly become highly interested in the personal preferences of their employees, and above and beyond anything else, the future is bright, especially when we look at social media.
“This is bad, really bad” is not the headline that attracts subscribers and definitely not the text that makes posts on social media go viral. And since both seem to be the prime objective, we are overloaded with optimistic predictions and recycled text and videos about a CGI rendered future that is “just around the corner”. This has always been a significant element in (social) media channels but 2021 seems to have driven this to new heights.
The harsh reality of 2021 is that lives are lost due to a lethal virus, jobs have been terminated, businesses have been closed, and we topped it off with supply chain crises so huge that suddenly everyone is either a supply chain expert or found the answer in some popular hyped post on social media.
Remember the Danish football captain Simon Kjaer who saved his mate’s life and demonstrated true leadership under immense pressure? Yes, that happened this year. January 6th? Also 2021! No-result-cop26? Even the majority of the Solarwinds Hack came to light in 2021. 2021 was just as long as all other years, and yet it feels like it was much longer. Maybe all the false optimism in media and social media made that happen…
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Judge people based on what they do, not on what they say they do.
No leader should give orders they are not willing to accept and execute themselves.
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Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag
Weekly newsletter of Dr. Ir Johannes (JD) Drooghaag @

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