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By Hakan Ozturk

A quick CS best practice every Sunday at 3 pm CET. Join 800+ other smart people to level up your skills every single week.

A quick CS best practice every Sunday at 3 pm CET.
Join 800+ other smart people to level up your skills every single week.

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3 Common Objections in Customer Success And How You Can Overcome Them

3 Common Objections in Customer SuccessCS Café Hiring zoneAbout you!


3 Assumptions Most People Make in Customer Success (And How You Can Avoid Them)

3 Assumptions Most People Make in Customer SuccessOne bookOne podcastCS Café Hiring zoneAbout you!


9 Things A Customer Success Manager Should Never Say At Work

AnnouncementChurnZero, a leading Customer Success platform, has announced the first CSM Appreciation Week to recognize the dedicated work of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) across the SaaS industry. Held from May 23 – May 27, the week includes industry-wide …


5 Easy Steps to Customer Success (And How To Walk Your Own Way)

Today, I'm introducing a new section where I'm personally curating the most unique jobs I've been made aware of in Customer Success.Today's Featured OpportunityCustomer Success Manager @ GrowthAssistant (US, Chicago, St. Louis, Remote)What makes this company …


How to Learn Anything in Customer Success and Beyond

Have you ever heard about the Feynman Technique?It's a powerful method to learn anything you want in the most simple way while you develop a deeper understanding of any given topic.In today's newsletter, we'll explore this fundamental technique and discover h…


5 Customer Success Metrics You Wish You Knew Earlier

In its most simple definition, driving Customer Success is all about building strong partnerships with your customers so you can deliver greater business outcomes.As your primary goal is to help them overcome their challenges and arrive at the destination, yo…


4 Natural Emotions You Should Use To Drive Better Customer Outcomes

Let's get back to the basics.In Customer Success, we tend to focus on metrics and strategies but the truth is it's a lot about our most brutal feelings.Research confirms that we act based on our emotions first but then justify our actions with rational logic.…


The Linkedin Update You've Been Waiting For

Boom! So happy to share this information with you today!I've had many other topics to discuss but the news was so big that I wanted to dedicate this entire edition to it! :)I've made the public commitment in my very first newsletter here promising I would fol…


Top 5 Skills of Highly Effective Customer Success Professionals

I made a post on Linkedin this week about the 5 soft skills any Customer Success pros should focus on that got much traction, and wanted to cover the topic more in-depth with you in today's edition.In fact, I was expecting such reactions as you probably know …


How I Grew My Linkedin Audience in 5 Easy Steps And Why You Should Too

Customer Success starts with the very 1st interaction customers have with your company.And it goes the same way for you and your personal brand.Your own success will largely depend on your attitude towards others and the way you interact with people around yo…


Top 5 Metrics You Should Master in Customer Success And Avoid Getting Lost

Customer Success in SaaS is easy.You just need to understand NRR, ARR, MAU, DAU, NPS, CSAT, TAM, LTV, CAC, GTM, OKR, KPI, SEM, SEO, YOY, YTD, B2B, B2C, IPO, and of course CS, CCO, CSM, CS Ops! !!:-))But there is a lot more!


Top 7 Soft Skills That Will Help You Get Ahead in 2022

As Customer Success professionals, we all know the importance of developing soft skills that will help us set apart. However, these are also the hardest to develop. While your experience or technical knowledge can position you ahead of your peers, it's your a…


5 Daily Habits You Should Form To Avoid Firefighting And Losing Control Of Your Day

At its core definition, the goal of a Customer Success Manager is to ensure customers get the benefits from using the company’s products or services.But, what if you could consistently achieve more than just helping customers succeed?Which fundamental skills …


How to Write Cold Emails That Get 90% Responses?

In Customer Success, one of the most challenging areas is to identify and connect with the right audience, stakeholders, sponsor, or the champion at the customer organization.Sometimes, there is no other choice left than to send out "Cold Emails", which you n…


Ryan Roslansky, CEO of Linkedin Takes on Customer Success Very Seriously

I am a heavy user of Linkedin. I run a lot of search queries on the platform to identify the right people I want to interact with, in particular the CS professionals. However, by the time I'm writing this edition, there is still no function called “Customer S…