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June 16 · Issue #42 · View online
Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone
Back in 2007, when Peter Navarro was a professor at University of California, Irvine, he had written a blog post for Drishtikone on the Eight China Wars that were happening then. He had shared what he thought was the way forward for the US. A lot of what Trump administration is following is based on that.
Today Navarro is the main brain behind Trump administration’s China policy. He is the Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator
The Eight China Wars the World Should Know About (Special Guest Article by Peter Navarro) - Drishtikone The Eight China Wars the World Should Know About (Special Guest Article by Peter Navarro) - Drishtikone
India required such “contrarian” or rather realistic thinking on China. What China has been doing is to master the game of aggressive attrition against the world. That needs to be countered and challenged. Which is what Navarro started within the Trump administration.
Unfortunately, it took all the way to Modi administration to stand up to China and do what was needed on the border.
Create the infrastructure.
This challenge and not backing down on the border has meant that China is taking that as an affront.
The Chinese tried to enter the Indian side despite the agreement to de-escalate. And, the confrontation quickly grew. On the Indian side, 20 Indian Army soldiers have been martyred.
Aditya Raj Kaul
INDIAN ARMY: Indian & Chinese troops have disengaged at Galwan area where they had earlier clashed on the night of 15/16 June 2020. 17 Indian troops who were critically injured in the line of duty have succumbed to their injuries, taking total that were killed in action to 20.
In the night, intense discussions and meetings have been going on at the highest levels.
Aditya Raj Kaul
JUST IN: Second High Level security meeting ends at Indian Defence Minister @rajnathsingh’s residence. External Affairs Minister @DrSJaishankar, CDS General Bipin Rawat, Indian Army Chief General Manoj Naravane and other senior officials leave. Fresh Statement expected tonight.
Aditya Raj Kaul
JUST IN: India’s Defence Minister @rajnathsingh briefs PM @narendramodi on latest developments around Galwan Valley violent border clashes between India and China and India’s response so far. PM briefed second time today.
Aditya Raj Kaul
#BREAKING: India’s External Affairs Minister @DrSJaishankar meeting Prime Minister @narendramodi right now at 7 LKM. Pre-scheduled meeting but on a day when India-China violent clashes leading to casualties have taken centre stage.
Aditya Raj Kaul
#BREAKING: Home Minister @AmitShah leaves residence of Prime Minister @narendramodi at 7 LKM around 11:15pm after discussing latest developments at LAC with China where at least 20 Indian Army soldiers have lost their life. Two more security and intelligence meetings underway.
As China activates all of its pieces on the geo-political chess board - Pakistan, Nepal and its own PLA forces - it is hoping that it has cornered India. All this after every move to unleash internal strife and dismantle the current government, one which does not take dictations from outside, has failed and withered away.
It is now activating its “Hail Mary”, the strategy of last resort with a sense of recklessness.
Gravitas: WION Exclusive: Is India being strategically encircled?
The beauty of Narendra Modi is not that he fights the adversaries. But he ensures that they show the strongest pieces and hidden strategies out in the open. Before he has unveiled his.
India’s pieces are still many - and yet not fully activated. From joint action with Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, US and Australia - nothing has been brought out in the open. Meanwhile, China has lined up all its vassal states and its own Army, which it never brings out of the show-case.
the internal haters
Meanwhile, some regular Modi-haters are using this opportunity to echo Chinese propaganda full throttle. You can check the amazing alignment with the Chinese mouthpiece’s narrative.
Even though some folks in the media can keep their sanity intact.
Rahul Kanwal
There’s a bunch of Cassandras who are delighted that the Modi Governent is on the back foot with China. Folks, this is about the Indian Army. Can you put your petty politics on the back burner please. This is India vs China. Not BJP vs China. Politics can wait.
clueless global media
And, the global media? Well, these guys cannot even distinguish between their arse and the elbow. BBC thinks that this is happening in Kashmir. Heck man, you guys ruled this country for 200 years, and this is the level of your journalistic rigor? Even a 5th grader knows better than BBC honchos these days!
BBC Breaking News
At least 20 Indians died in clash with Chinese forces in Kashmir, India says, in first deadly skirmish for decades
Now, those who are whining about how “Modi is weak” because China is unleashing its aggression on India, have really no understanding of the region or China. It’s not about Modi, stupid!
setting itself up
It’s about China.
China has been at the same time having a jet hide and seek with Taiwanese.
Taiwan jets 'drive away' intruding Chinese fighter plane, third intrusion in days - Reuters
This is happening at a time when the Coronavirus is wreaking the second wave on Beijing.
Coronavirus latest: Beijing outbreak ′extremely severe′ as fears grow over second wave | News | DW | 16.06.2020
Reports are quite disastrous from the ground.
So, why is this happening?
madman at the helm?
Xi Jinping has taken a strong hold on the Chinese internal power structure. It is not a secret that this has turned up a lot of internal conflicts within the Chinese establishment.
Elites in China were already frustrated with Xi’s internal and foreign overreach, which they argue caused the United States to impose tariffs, support Taiwan, and increase pushback in the South China Sea. Worrisomely, Xi’s foreign policy will likely become more aggressive as he looks for victories abroad, though a serious internal political fracturing could send China’s foreign policy in unknown directions. (Source: ForeignPolicy)
But it is not about why Xi’s China is suddenly acting aggressively - which it is obviously doing to hide and manage the internal fissures.
It is about why is China so reckless?
This, you see, is not aggression. Talking tough is aggression. Trade wars is aggression.
But starting serious and intense military confrontational situations with - USA, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India - all at the same time?! That is not aggression. That is recklessness.
So, sit back and think.
Why would a civilizational country with serious planning capabilities where their horizons span decades, if not centuries, start behaving like Syria?
The real story that it betrays is not about internal fissures. But about how wide, deep and imminent these chasms are now!
In fact, Xi’s behavior and actions betray that we might be looking at USSR style collapse of China imminently.
Otherwise, why would be playing roulette with the fate of your country, while it is handling a real medical emergency!
And, this understanding leads us to an even more stark realization. This is just the beginning of the madness. We maybe looking at the Chinese establishment - ok, Xi Jinping - trying to set off the planet’s fuse in ways that only a madman can.
nota bene
In its report, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said India will continue to attract market-seeking investments to the country and hence, witness a lower but positive economic growth in the post-COVID-19 pandemic period. India was the 9th largest recipient of FDI in 2019, with 51 billion dollars of inflows during the year. (Source)
India may impose anti-dumping duty on Chinese antibacterial drug Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride with a view to guarding domestic industry from cheap imports from the neighbouring country. (Source)
 Folks in the U.S. are more unhappy today than they’ve been in nearly 50 years. This bold yet unsurprising conclusion comes from the COVID Response Tracking Study, conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. It finds that just 14% of American adults say they’re very happy, down from 31% who said the same in 2018. That year, 23% said they’d often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks. Now, 50% say that. (Source)
Turkey had developed a plan to invade Greece during the height of the war in Syria, according to leaked documents. The documents also included plans to invade Armenia. The plans that were drawn up were named after an 11th century Turkish military commander, according to Nordic Monitor, who has seen the documents. (Source)
 Mohammed Hashim, a murder convict, out on parole, attended the wedding of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s daughter Veena and CPM youth leader Mohammad Riyas held at the official residence of the Chief Minister in Thiruvananthapuram today (June 15), Janam TV reported. Hashim is currently serving a jail sentence for murder of a RSS worker Ottapilavu Suresh Babu in Thrissur (Source)
the south china sea
South China Sea is an important water-way. Trade of $3.4 trillion passes through the South China Sea annually. That accounts for a third of the global maritime trade! Seven countries lay a claim to that sea. Which China wants to usurp. Here is an excellent video on the entire geo-politics of the area.
Geopolitics of the South China Sea
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