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June 4 · Issue #30 · View online
Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone
Is morality the way for us to navigate difficult, complex and often repugnant choices and options? Even with the edicts and commandments, different schools of contradicting yet detailed schools of moral ethics - have the humans,specifically the practitioners of the theories, always made choices that align with their own pronouncements?
When you delve deeper into the conundrums of morality and the nature of human awareness, you realize that the way we may be approaching our social prejudices is completely ineffective!

Yes he sure did.
His death, and the actions of the racist police officers may have set fire to the powder keg in a highly charged society. When Trump went about wiping out the legacy of Barack Obama, his motivation was more than political. It had racism at its base.
Floyd’s death has the potential to be the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in the US context.
The idea of discrimination is not a natural idea in the minds of people. Discrimination is built on the back of rules that create differences between human beings. When the rules and laws of a society make different treatment possible, discrimination is the result.
Here is a story of a daring teacher and her third grade students and how they demonstrated, and in the process learned invaluable lessons in human suffering brought about by laws.
a class divided
Martin Luther King Jr’s death in April 1968 had left Jane Elliott’s third graders very confused and scared. They had just discussed him as their “Hero of the Month.” They didn’t understand why someone would kill him of all people?
Jane Elliot then undertook one of most daring experiments on the meaning and mechanics of discrimination that remains instructive even to this day. This is the story of that experiment.
A Class Divided: Powerful Lessons in Group Hatred A Class Divided: Powerful Lessons in Group Hatred
The change in focus of the US state where spending on Law and Order shot up substantially may show why punishing and not healing the society became the priority. Remember, a lot of this goes into maintaining jails for incarceration. Jails where Black youth are five times more than the White. (Source)
This graph shows how the number of Black men killed by the police forces is a statistic on its own and twice that of average US number.
opportunism in the name of god
Just as we saw in the case of Corona Pandemic in India and the statements by Tablighi Jamaat, some people have a penchant for using the times of social unrest to peddle their hate agenda. It is becoming like a broken record and almost predictable.
Hizb ut-Tahrir leader Ismail al-Wahwah says US riots will cause US downfall, see Islam take over | Daily Mail Online
In Paris, the unholy alliance between the Leftists and Islamists is already putting the pronouncements of mullahs like Ismail into action.
anarchy season?
Summer of 2020 is bringing global anarchists out.
It seems there is anarchy in Paris as well. Read the thread with the tweet below. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in France are up in violent protests demanding “papers” (naturalization) in France. The Leftist-Islamist combine is on a roll.
Adam Milstein
Anarchy exploding in Paris and other European capitals as the radical left and radical Muslim organizations are not missing the opportunity to create waves of destruction across Europe, hiding behind peaceful social justice campaigns. Sickening, wake up Europe!
moral ethics
Moral Ethics are the Western construct which try to make sense of a world where we are faced with difficult and often, repugnant choices. But the problem is that these schools contradict each other and attempt to leave people with incomplete algorithms based on confused, nuanced and contradicting treatises.
What if our actual state of the sub-atomic consciousness had a better way?
What if the Conscious Quantum Mind offered another way out?
Moral Ethics and the Quantum Mind Moral Ethics and the Quantum Mind
nota bene
Virtual Dialogs:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold a unique and one of its kind India-Australia Virtual Summit with Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday. This will focus on the positive trajectory in bilateral relations. (Source)
Britain vs China: Yesterday we saw that British PM Boris johnson wants to bring in the Hongkongers into Britain and provide a path to citizenship. Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, now says that his country is “prepared to sacrifice free trade deal with China to protect people of Hong Kong.” (Source)
Open Mutiny in US?: Chairman of Joint Chiefs, Mark Milley, tells troops to ‘uphold the Constitution’ and says National Guard are under governors’ orders, not the Presidents! This is being seeing as a public rebuke to Donald Trump - as retired generals have criticized the president and his former decorated Commander and Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis compared him to Nazis (Source)
Jim Mattis on Trump: Former defense secretary Jim Mattis has said that his former boss Donald Trump was creating a  “false conflict” between the military and civilian society by threatening the use of military force to stop protests near the White House. He further described him as a “threat to the constitution” (Source) Also read Associated Press report.
Power of Masks: Multiple studies on coronavirus transmission from 16 countries have confirmed that wearing a face mask and maintaining physical distance can reduce the COVID-19 infection risk by 85 percent. So lockdowns can be relaxed while physical distancing and masks can still be enforced. (Source)
Sugar high: A Florida police officer used Krispy Kreme doughnut and some blueberry pie-scented spray to trap a 250-pound (113- kilogram) bear who was walking around Fort Myers (Source)
Deepest Ocean: Mariana Trench in the Pacific is the deepest part of the Ocean on the planet. It is over 36,000 feet. What does its floor look like? Here you go - Floor vents release bubbles of liquid sulfur and carbon dioxide. Temperatures are just above freezing, and everything is drowning in darkness. It is so deep that your bones would dissolve there. (Source)
benchmarking believers
Blasphemy is intricately linked to the infallibility of belief in the eyes of the believer. The only issue is how does one benchmark believers?
Who is to decide what is the benchmark for belief and a “good believer”?
Blasphemy laws force that artificial decision. With deadly consequences. Literally.
This is a very interesting discussion that Tahir Gora of TAG TV in Canada has with Arshad Mahmood. Very nuanced and serious take on a topic that has inflicted humanity for just under 2000 years now. The discussion is in Urdu with English subtitles.
Arshad Mahmood Reflects on 'from Blasphemy to Islamophobia' @TAG TV {English Subtitles}
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