You'd better be THE BEST - RFP's will become Obsolete

RFP's will be banned out of corporate world. Data design & drawing? Mobile is bigger than you thi
You'd better be THE BEST - RFP's will become Obsolete
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RFP’s will be banned out of corporate world. Data design & drawing? Mobile is bigger than you think (a personal tracking confirms). Twitch is more than a streaming channel now…
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RFP's will be no more
The RFP process is considered a necessary evil in the corporate world, but it’s perhaps no longer the greatest fit for the modern marketer. In the world of ‘always-on’ social media, most brands recognise the need for pragmatism and are theoretically open to collaborations with new and untried freelancers or smaller agencies. Globality claim they can fast-track this process, improving companies’ speed to market while developing new partners internationally.
I think we all underestimate the impact of machine learning, deep learning and AI eventually. The match between brand & agency, freelancer or studio will be challenging. It will even be more about global vs local & good verso specialized. Creative will be a variable, for sure. Being agile as well.
This AI thing. I’m actually very excited about it. But also very aware. Keeping my eye on this. The comfort zone will be no more.
It will probably be the new electricity. I think we have no clue what time will bring. Exciting yet disturbing times. We’ll all have to rethink our way of working. Investing in knowledge and lateral thinking seems the most obvious thing for me personally. But yet again… I have no idea. 
Data Design by Drawing dots & lines
Got inspired by this book and started a test myself. It ended up on a piece of paper on my desk. You can read the whole process here
More experiments (visualization & analytics stuff) will come online in the next few weeks, as well as “think big” articles and more.
Mobile = Instant satisfaction "on the go"
As part of a test, and probably part of my next data design, I installed an app to track my minutes on my smartphone and the amounts of unlocks. Baffled is the word! Over 6h on my device on a saturday? WOW. Minimum time spent this week? 2h per day. 
Last weeks' mobile usage
Last weeks' mobile usage
I always try to make clients aware to take mobile data more into account, but they don’t. They don’t care. They don’t realize how big this mobile movement is. Quite a shame. quite a challenge and … quite an opportunity.
From a psychologic standpoint, the smartphone is the best go to device when you’re feeling lonely, bored or need a break. Unlock and all those notifications and/or apps fulfill your need for instant satisfaction. We service our feelings through our phones
Hence this very interesting article confirming why you should care. As a company, you might adjust design and systems to a mobile-first usage, although you’re missing the whole point: It’s the journey to the conversion that you’re skipping, stupid. You have to do both.
And then happened this...
This popped-up last friday: Ironsights - the trailer on … yep… TWITCH!
Say what? Wasn’t that for gamers streaming their gameplay? Well, yes, until now. Twitch (owned by Amazon btw) is programming more live-streaming content that falls outside its wheelhouse of video-game broadcasts, showing glimmers of developing internet-based equivalents of linear cable TV networks. First their pilots got launched, now they will follow Sara Erlandson, a Wisconsin bar owner and Twitch streamer whose title of choice is arcade hunting game “Big Buck,” as she travels from her hometown of Beldenville, Wisc., to the game’s world championship in Austin, Texas. 
So.. nothing like Netflix but close. A fine mix between Youtube (reality-story-telling-TV) and Full seasonal series build upon data. Seems like Amazon will try-out the crowd-sourced way using actors from their community for a short film. Sure they’ll be using data. It’s Amazon FFS. Interesting space to watch in the future.
Note: buy Amazon stock (yes, even now at +€850)
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