Will we get to 'Hyper Reality'?

I guess you had your fair portion already about Trump & Clinton 'shit'. So... let's not go there,
Will we get to 'Hyper Reality'?
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I guess you had your fair portion already about Trump & Clinton ‘shit’. So… let’s not go there, shall we? Instead, I’ll focus on more interesting stuff: current reality vs hyper reality. 
Stuff you can work with today (reality) and looking at what’s happening right now for you to benefit from tomorrow (hyper reality).

Got some comments in last week and it seems the more practical stuff about e-mail marketing was very high appreciated. So… allow me to start of with those snippets again this week. 
The current reality is that we have to deal with current challenges. So… let’s talk e-mail, analytics & more marketing tactics first before we get into the mumbo jumbo of strategy and dreamy stuff aka hyper reality.
E-mail marketing snippets
It’s very hard to keep a tight schedule if it comes to e-mail marketing. Let alone choosing the right ESP and more…  These slides with NO BULLSHIT talk (44 pages - PDF) can help you kickstart your e-mail or get it to another step. Some really good and real talk in there from in-house marketers! And… you can volunteer to add your talk (read: get your name out in the ecosphere opportunity alert!).
Have you raised this question already? Should I send basket abandonnement e-mails? It totally makes sense. We don’t filter enough and take peoples attention for granted, which will backfire in the longterm.
Most e-mail marketers i’ve worked with are not zooming in on the subscriber side of analytics. Check tip n°4 in this post. The other analytics metrics could be interesting as well.
I partly agree on the real-time triggers for e-mail, but it would make more sense to focus on the platform/site conversion and notification first, than focusing on a second phase of attention in real-time triggers: e-mail.
If you’re in-house and making e-mails for the company & your boss is still not convinced that this is a mobile world, you may slap him in the face with my regards. Really. Do it! It’s about the journey now. Mobile is a common thing now. The 4th tip is actually something I came across last week looking at a clients click data. People click on text!!!!  Check out this slides too.

Extra tip: when images are blocked, the gif for the open and click tracking doesn’t get triggered so you have no stats. Make sure you have text in place that is clickable!
Some extra holiday campaigning ideas for you (22 ideas).
If you need to watch 1 video tonight, let it be this one
Does Noah Kagan ring any bells? Probably not. He was #30 at FB, #4 at Mint. Well, I just love the way he does marketing. Give it 5 minutes and you’ll probably be in for it for the rest of the video (only 17 min).
Start here at 5 mins (when the real stuff begins) and there’s a second part as well, if you’re into the first part.
Quality vs Value
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What you say? in for a share?
What you say? in for a share?
How much money is there actually in this world?
“Het gele gevaar”. Is it real? I don’t know. I’m not scared of China. I’m rather intrigued about its economical role on this planet and everything that initiates its behavior. 
I’m still intrigued about what people say vs what people do. I can’t talk for the Chinese, but I think it’s a universal thing. People say they’re poor, but spend a shit load of money on buying stuff. It’s insane. The middleclass is growing, everywhere. Proof is here, right? 
But… Singles day is rooted into China’s culture, which makes a difference than the cheaply used Black friday or cyber monday. Its far more profound. It would be far more cleverer to launch Independence day as a shopping day for, let’s say, local products for instance. And Alibaba is planning to expand in the next few years as they only have reached 10% of retail market opportunity in China alone :-o
I’ve stopped watching Amazon since a few months. To my humble opinion, I think you’d should be watching Alibaba instead. 
What you can learn from this video?
That you can come up with a good moment to throw a hook! It can be an event, it can be a day you invent yourself, it can be a behavioral reward for people, for example: loyalty day for your shop/brand where you double loyalty points and give reduction on high-demand products.
Tech helps Brand communication & Data capturing
Nike is building a 55.000 Square Feet store full of tech.
Nike is building a 55.000 Square Feet store full of tech.
Retail and tech are a match made in heaven. Although not a lot of Belgian retailers are jumping on the bandwagon of tech, several product brands are taking a leap into tech. And it will help to build even a more bigger brand and could eventually cut the middleman more out. Not fully, but grap a bigger chunk of the pie when going direct-to-consumer.
The new Nike store in SoHo (NY) will have a next level customer-experience with cool 3D printed models (cutting out that industry + supporting brand communication), Kinect powered courts (hello data capturing), Apple pay (perfect district to do that) and of course instore touchscreens, which are obvious & are getting more common these days.
The store will be SO BIG (55k sq ft), it even triggered protest.
To me, personally, it’s a very obvious and well-know simple strategy to have as a marketer: build brand in every way you can (thank you tech) + capture data along the way which make you even more smarter (thank you tech). Intelligence is so underestimated!
Some pictures of the store below (via Nike.com). Looks dashing!
Can’t wait to visit that store.
Test out shoes on a treadmill through 90-second run segments
Test out shoes on a treadmill through 90-second run segments
Trial Nike soccer cleats and receive 1:1 guidance from in-store certified trial athletes
Trial Nike soccer cleats and receive 1:1 guidance from in-store certified trial athletes
Nike Mag and Nike HyperAdapt 1.0
Nike Mag and Nike HyperAdapt 1.0
What can you learn from this Nike store full of tech?
This might seem to far off for most of retailers and it is, although you can start very small about thinking in terms of value and how to captivate some data out of that. That should be a really good start. Technology can help you with that. That’s how you should think about it. Not the other way around. Technology won’t save your business. It can help initiate your brand & customer/consumer-experience though.
Hyper reality -> Stuff we only can dream of
Minion or Million business?
In short: Snapchat launched a €130 sunglasses to help people to express themselves in an easy way, taking out all the obstacles for storytelling. 
Doesn't this vending machine look a lot like a minion?
Doesn't this vending machine look a lot like a minion?
It’s interesting to see they launched a separate website and doing a creative campaign for offline events (vending machine drops) which generates a shit load of buzz online. The typical way creative campaigning works best. Interesting to see that they’re open for biz inqs which will lead to brand co-operations for sure. You can discuss the details but this approach is very clever in all its ways. 
What you can learn from this approach of product launch?
100% brand & customer-experience control. 100% product margin control. 100% consumer first value/focus. Optional brand co-operation possibilities. Offline generates online buzz if it’s well executed, which means not hyped but limited distribution when demand is high: Scarcity (works only if demand is high). It often comes with the dynamics of coolness, exclusiveness and often higher priced. Nostalgic factors can also be a fun factor to add to the mix.
Oh. And… this :) might this be the next Pokémon like hunting?
Find the Snapbot :)
Augmented vs VR?
On another level, the Snapchat augmented filters etc… , it seems that augmented reality will developing a parallel path with VR. Augmented reality might be more B2C focused, VR more B2B focused. 
Hyper reality (video)? The retail experience in this video is kinda the current state of Chinese e-commerce actually. We Europeans don’t get this kind of commerce, although it in its essence it is extremely honest, a digital-first information communication (which I’m a big fan of) and a design/colour meets purpose way of making websites. 
What can you learn from this video?
The future is still far of but allow yourself to innovate in this direction. People get triggered by these kind of movies as well as cinematic movies to find this cool. Coolness is a good initiator of word-of-mouth. Technology can help you achieve this. Maybe you can start small?
How a bout a conversational 24/365 UI?
In simple terms: Whatsapp & Messenger.
Two extra reads
When CSI meets public wifi: Inferring your mobile phone password via wifi signals | the morning paper
Ideal Female Attractiveness — Get Data
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture Of The Week
If you just tuned-in into this newsletter, I’m programming every week a simple graphic illustration that turns data into chaos. This is this weeks’ output.
Track of the week
Like every other week, I try to share on track that could inspire you to find new electronic music. This week I’m going back in time with this brilliant Pink Floyd track, that was their first full electronic track ever made.
First full electronic track Pink Floyd ever made
First full electronic track Pink Floyd ever made
That’s all for this week.
See you next week.
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