What gets 'views' these days?

Added two more sections (E-mail and Data & Analytics) to the newsletter, which will be recurring
What gets 'views' these days?
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #13 • View online
Added two more sections (E-mail and Data & Analytics) to the newsletter,
which will be recurring in the future newsletters. This week was, like any other week actually, very interesting. Especially in visual content land!

What gets 'views'?
I’m stunned by the amount of views some videos on the internet get. Weird stuff. Stuff you wouldn’t expect to get that many views. Below you can find some examples i manually picked/selected.
1) An 8 hour of ‘shitty’ trance mixed by a dude in jeans with books on the ground and he never needs to beat mix, not even one second
No mixing involved. Nothing spectacular to see but few books on the ground and even a vinyl on the right that never gets played during those 8 years. But… the title says it all. 8 hours of music as a background tune for you to use while studying
Don’t underestimate the amount of people listening to YT videos. It’s the same thing like 15 - 20Y ago we all put on MTV on the telly and used it as a radio. Same thing.
2) Originality always wins 
Mario’s underworld popped upon the radar this week. Published on the 27th of october 2016 and only two days later picked up by Loaded Magazine the YT video already counts 2.3 Mio views.
3) Holistic challenges
Whatever people say, there is always a part of them thinking about the holistic picture if it comes to life, well-being and every closely related subject. No matter what. On a macro, meso or micro level, depending on your own situation and current state of comfort/well-being. 
Before the flood launched on YT on the 30th of October and has now over 10 mio views. Thursday if had 7.5 mio views. 
4) Recommendation gets views (and followers as well)
Not related to videos but related to attention and the amount of impact a person can have is sometimes insane. 
Last week Joy tweeted this.
1 hour later, Bert his Insta account counted over 2600 followers already and had only one photo online! Now, a few days later, almost 7K followers later, he has 3 pictures online with 2K likes, 1.1k likes and 1.5k likes. Insane!
The missing context here? Well, Joy tweeted and talk about Bram on her Snapchat account (and more handles/accounts) a week or two before this meet-up. So the build-up to this event was well executed. Not sure if it was intentionally, but I don’t think so. If well, well played!
And then there is always Shia … 
Check out this 360° well-synced video of his “Just do it” rant.
There are some other videos from Shia in 360° out there too.
You’ll find them.
E-mail marketing
Earlier this year, I had the honour to work with one of the biggest travel compagnies in Belgium. Together with the team, we figured out how to impact e-mail on a broad and structural level. E-mail marketing is still a very powerful medium in many markets. People tend to say e-mail marketing is dead, but when you have people’s attention, it all comes down to communication & interpretation of the data.
So… allow me to share snippets that could help you take that next step in e-mail marketing.
1) Don’t underestimate the power of resending a campaign
Of all the compagnies I’ve been working with, there are only a few that do this. Resending an e-mail to non-openers is a good thing to do. Changing the subject line could help, although Mailchimp advises you not to. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve seen both working really well, even in my own list with openingrates up to 56% of people I only e-mail once a year.
2) Hint people to buy a present for themselves as well ;-)
Check tip 14. The rest is pretty much same old same old.
A 20-Point Checklist for a Merry Email Marketing Season | Campaign Monitor
3) Win back & churn prevention is hard
I have to be honest. Win back campaigns are really hard to do. Why? Because the proposition to win someone back is so diverse that you have to come up with a decent all-round proposition. Hint: it almost always has nothing to do with prices, always services.
Check out some good drip campaigns to get you some ideas. Don’t copy, re-use and make it applicable for your list.
7 Lessons from Top Performing Drip Email Campaigns
4) Copy & structure matter more than you think
The impact of beautiful well-structured e-mail is underrated. It really is. How would you feel if you get a list of products in some simple css made template arrived in the letterbox? You’d feel “ok”. How about if that same e-mail got a really beautiful design make-over? You’d be somewhat excited? Right? It’s part of the reason WHY people open an e-mail as well. If it looks really good, it’s fun to get it, even if you don’t take any action. 
Although at first, the data couldn’t prove the malaise of the old design, when the new design was send out a few weeks, you’d could see the difference in opening rates. People where excited to get better looking e-mails, although the content was the same.
Get some ideas here:
5) Click rate is the best metric ever. I don’t think so. Only to some extent.
Yes. Click rate indicates some interest. Yes. Opening rate indicates some interest. Mix both on a longer period of time and you’ll create a bigger impact. In Attribution that is. Bigger than you think. If it doesn’t sell, at least it is traffic or branding.
So… i don’t fully agree with this article, but it’s a good read:
Data & Analytics
One of the current marketing trends/tactics is to focus on the customer journey. Well, that’s a good thing. Although, compagnies should narrow it down. Sometimes, I get the feeling to much of the effort is going to details that don’t matter just yet. I’d rather start from a very practical and holistic approach on site level only. It’s easier. It’s easy to proof with Analytics. It’s obvious. It helps you define budgets and focus.
Here is how you can make a segmentation to work on a very basic level. Don’t underestimate what you can do with this in terms of marketing.
Below is a video I made (in Dutch) based on a very simple segmentation that gives you so much focus & advantage. Start with that if performance is key to you. You’ll get the idea.
Analytics - Structureel of Communicatie probleem? | #DB Data & Analytics 003 - YouTube
Need any help or advice?
Just send me a quick e-mail. (free of charge, duh).

"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture of the week
Like every other week, I try to add a picture made by data.
Actually, this week, it’s a video. Added some music to it from a fan of my music label.
Track of the week
Up for some house music?
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