Whacky Japan, Video got Eroded! & #MuseumSnowballfight - CWI#71

First of all, allow me to mention I'm extremely pleased to welcome you to this new series of updates,
Whacky Japan, Video got Eroded! & #MuseumSnowballfight - CWI#71
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #71 • View online
First of all, allow me to mention I’m extremely pleased to welcome you to this new series of updates, planned for 2018. 
Lots of plans. Specific things. 
Do more”, yet, highly focused! That’s what my year should look like by the end of it. Already deleted the fb app & Snapchat from my phone. More to follow. 
Nothing about trends or predictions for 2018 - nothing like the other gazillion other newsletters. Same stuff, different year: Insights & reads in a broad aspect: digital, strategy, data, what’s happening in the world, arty stuff and more… learn tot learn ;) Sounds like an idea for a book, doesn’t it?

Allow me to close down 2017 at this early 2018 stage, with just two items. 
You're next secret weapon: hire a psychologist
This might sound a bit strange, but this is general advice to anyone having any kind of company. Nothing related to digital particularly, yet very obvious to do. And yet, very few hire someone who’s really able to read people and translate their behavior into something valuable for both the tradition ppp (people, planet, profit - pun intended order!) approach.
Broken down to a simple model, its the power of habit loop rewarding people for their behavior. An excerpt can be found here. Pepsodent rings a bell? I’ve been using this technique in e-mail marketing as well. You can use it anywhere.
The process is simple: 
1) Hire a good psychologist who’s empathetic
2) Let him/her do face-to-face client/employee interviews
3) Report the learnings & turn the advice into values for the client/employee and NOT the company (first)! 
4) Benefit soon, real soon!
Social media is eroding society:
So pls.. if you’re hiring and will be working with a psychologist in 2018, pls don’t be evil. Do for good! Not for money.
Zuck didn't copy Snapchats' features. He eroded Video
2017 was the year video went vertical
Lets be honest. Almost none of us turns his phone to watch videos. Right? The vertical video outgrow the landscape video due to, Persiscope, Meerkat & Snapchat. Landscape movies turned to vertical view doesn’t show a fullscreen, hence the reason to switch to vertical video first. Simple idea, Brands followed. Noticed by the big agencies. It took a few years, but nowadays, everyone looks vertical at videos, don’t they? It makes more sense too if you think about integrating video in a social/messaging app. Switching to landscape? Don’t think so. 
Although Instagram copied all the features from Snapchat, they mainly exploited the vertical video strategy/trend even more to gain engagement and eventually lure Snapchatters over to Instagram. They didn’t just build something equal to Snapchat. They knew vertical video is thé big shift. The features were just an easy thing to do & Snapchat paid for the initial innovation. This also explains the reason of existence and the success of the Facebook Canvas Ad !!
Extra reads to close down on 2017
2017 was het boeiendste, maar ook slechtste digitale jaar ooit | De Tijd
De Amerikanisering van Telenet – TANDEM TECH
The ethics economy
2018 baby!
Lets kickstart 2018 with the topics below.
Be aware, light-weighted CRM system providers
Looking for database like linking with a few clicks to other data tables and more… this might be an interesting site to watch. Ex-Google employees raised over $60 mio in their first round to build this thing. Missing a to do list, but all the other things look very interesting. Excel on steroids and ready to build something useful in a few clicks: content calendars, kanban boards, etc. online… I think you can build a light-weight CRM with this, just by being creative & focusing on the data touchpoints that matter.
Example of content gone wrong
Below, a good example of how to wrap extremely red ocean boring content into a different aspect with a stupid hook: movies. Nothing related to each other to make a point. 
How to do it better? Start out of your topic and at the next closest related thing as a hook, instead of a totally unrelated hook. This guy should just have made a case with data and science available in the year of the movie with data from the movie to tell his story and make predictions.
Back to the Future: 2018 Big Data and Data Science Prognostications – InFocus Blog | Dell EMC Services
Passed the radar: V&V partnership
A bit of a strange match at first, but guess they see an overlap in the audience they’re reaching. Also a good idea to share production costs, build a bigger reach/audience and do cross-selling. Heck.. i’m just guessing. Looks like an interesting thing to watch in 2018. 
VICE and 'Vogue' Are Creating a New Platform Together - VICE
Passed the radar: Facebook hackathon livestream
Be amazed by the one-day hackathon output of these people. Damn! When you got your system & platform in place and make all the building blocks accessible throughout the company, you can build amazing things. Even with interns. If you haven’t got the time to spent an hour watching this, check the first 10 minutes. You’ll see what we’re (simple dumb mortals) up against. Extremely talented people in an environment of possibilities. Guess building products only can allow that. Not sure.
Facebook Hackathon; Mark Zuckerberg showing what his team has built - YouTube
Facebook Hackathon; Mark Zuckerberg showing what his team has built - YouTube
Passed the radar: #MuseumSnowballFight
“Mooooooom, AMNH started it!” 
Just click the image and follow the thread for a bit. Its fun & cool.
Everyone thinks of bots & automation
… when AI or Machine learning is mentioned. Yet, art & music use it too, in a much more meaningful (too me) way: exploring & being creative, which gives you so much satisfaction. 
How Machine Learning Is Generating Strange, New Sounds - ft. Andrew Huang - YouTube
How Machine Learning Is Generating Strange, New Sounds - ft. Andrew Huang - YouTube
Whacky Japanese Commercials
New year is often a good top topical if it comes to “the best an funniest commercials of the world” kinda videos. They tend to come up in different TV shows and talk shows as well. Our commercial are very simple, most of the times. Japanese and Chinese commercials are always as wacky, like their websites. But why? Here’s why:
Why Are Japanese Commercials so Different?
That’s it for this week.
d - out.
Project management made easy.
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