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Update #94 - CWI by Dries Bultynck

In this weeks' Creative With Intelligence; Drake bought a private jet. It's a f*cking Boeing! why? Ab
Update #94 - CWI by Dries Bultynck
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #94 • View online
In this weeks’ Creative With Intelligence; Drake bought a private jet. It’s a f*cking Boeing! why? About the robot that is very curious. You don’t need to promote ad-free business, and more …

New generation 'artists': Brand & Distribution
One thing the new generation of artists understand better than previous generations: build brand and distribute the shit out of it. Good example? Kim Kardashion distributing the hollywood app and her Kimoji app besides the KKW fragrance.
Not sure if Drake plans to build an aviation company or just is building brand with this Boeing private jet (cough). Haven’t we seen something like this before (insert Bowie tune 👨‍🎤) ? Eventually, this will benefit his t-shirt company, record sales, deals with brands like Nike etc.
Spotted: all people doing extraordinary things (vertical) partner with one or a few brands to amplify (horizontal) distribution - replication of verticals into a system :)
Mimus, the curious robot
I’ve been following Madeline for some time now. She runs a research studio that communicates with machines. Lots of robotics in a broad spectrum: gesture-based reactions, sensor-based systems to steer robots. Cool stuff. Very interesting industry as well. Allowing people to communicate with robots, besides via buttons or touch panels. Check out her work and her latest project called Mimus in a partnership with Autodesk.
Note: same behaviour - vertical stretched over a horizon build by Autodesk. New vertical in growing industry alert, btw! Star company to be.
Meet Mimus, The Curious Industrial Robot
Meet Mimus, The Curious Industrial Robot
'Creative' with facial recognition
The New York Police Department’s have been creative with their facial recognition system by including image alteration and the use of non-suspect images. In one case, officers uploaded a picture of the actor Woody Harrelson, based on a witness description of a suspect who looked like Harrelson. The search produced a match, and the matched suspect was later arrested for petty larceny.
Garbage In, Garbage Out | Spotlight on the New York Police Department
One way to do it
Hulu CEO Randy Freer explains why Hulu never promoted its ad-free version
By Kristof (Nissan) - Serie of 5 posts
Kristof, Digital Marketing Manager Nissan Benelux, wrote a series of posts on Medium about his view on the evolution of the automotive sector.
The disruption of the automotive industry (1/5) – Kristof Drossaert – Medium
We need to rethink our 'system'
Traffic (& service) country Belgium. We’re going to be poor, when everything will be C02 taxed, yet more healthy. Got a plan? But how will this evolve? Italy got hail last week (WTF)
Nitrogen dioxide over Europe
Nitrogen dioxide over Europe
In the meantime ...
Been reading a lot lately about RNN (Recurrent Neural Networks). They allow you to predict one or more steps ahead of supervised outcome (ex: predicting next words in sentence). More interesting than linear regression (ex: predicting price of a house). It has been a struggle to be honest. Preparing the data is such a huge effort. Cleaning and also labeling, manually (Blue collar job of today).
Leaving one char out of a sentence to predict it based on the previous 100 chars
Leaving one char out of a sentence to predict it based on the previous 100 chars
Besides the context that people are missing when labeling the data, wouldn’t it be more interesting to build the infrastructure to allow the machines build the machines?
I want to go to the UK ... for this
AI: More than Human | Barbican
That’s it for this week.
d - out.
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