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Update #93 - Back!

I've been under the radar for a while, due to several reasons. Anyhow... kinda missed writing stuff a
Update #93 - Back!
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #93 • View online
I’ve been under the radar for a while, due to several reasons. Anyhow… kinda missed writing stuff and sharing ideas, … would love to do a podcast or join one (hint) … but can’t wrap my head around it how this would work out for this topic. So for now… the written word is my means.

Extremely interesting reads
Agnotology and Epistemological Fragmentation – Data & Society: Points
MIT’s Erik Brynjolfsson is redesigning GDP for the 21st century — Quartz
Like in all industries; the top performers take the market. In this case, in the music industry, 1% of the top performers take a whopping 60% of the market. Like in every other industry, making money for the smaller ones is only left in the margin. More in the article about the music superstars.
Music Superstars Are the New One Percenters - WSJ
After Weed, Mushrooms are next. Up for legislation. Another market where volume and thus scales will matter. We’re all scale-first world these days. Tip: watch stocks, buy in 2019 to surge in 2020. Read more about it in the BBC news article.
Denver votes to decriminalise magic mushrooms by razor-thin margin - BBC News
Snippets of last week
Last week, my colleague Patricia and I were invited to talk about “The Flemish Masters” campaign for Toerisme Vlaanderen. That was fun. Excellent event, well organized, nice people, … All pictures can be found here. Aftermovie is coming up.
Let's Talk Content | Howest
(BE) Media landscape: Drastically changing!
everyone is copying everyone (remember wtfock?) to build audiences where-ever they can, matching the right content to the right behavorials. Digital ties it al together. Digital targeting tied to big media distribution. How? By investing with a ‘low’ distribution-budget channel to build brand and connect the data pipline into the data warehouse. Cheap GDPR compliance first-party nurtured audiences.
Guess your strategy isn’t build on that, right?
The power is in the compound interest.
Vloglab Love #Stories | Aflevering 2
Noticed ... you too?
Simply noticed that whenever I have to do some labor'ish task, I listen to a podcast while doing. Cooking, driving, running, etc. + podcast = broadening views.
Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones? Simply hit reply.
Currently, I’m working on a machine learning based nudging project with my colleague Stijn. Hope to share some insights & updates soon. Prepared for this a year ago by diving into R & machine learning, heavily.
That’s it for this week
d - out.
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