Update #91 - Data Capital Inertia Tax & more ...

Update #91 - Data Capital Inertia Tax & more ...
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Like every other year, I’m gearing up to send an overview of what I’ve been up to in the last year to ALL OF MY CONTACTS. It’s an American thing to do so, but it seems very rarely done by other people in my environment.

2018 is out
As the GDPR was a big chunk of panic in the marketing landscape, I’m tackling the update a bit different this year and for the few next years. It’ll be an open and extremely transparent (like every other year) post instead of an e-mail to all in BCC.
If we’re not connected on Linkedin already… lets connect!
2019 is in
I’ve written only one article in the past year. The one below. As I’ve been focusing on heavily on data as of April 2018. I’ve been heavily diving into practicing statistics and machine learning. Scanning and reading lots of diverse global related topics to come-up with this article about the impact of unlocking intelligence as a support factor in the next evolution of man & machine, as a sort of creative outcome of handling all sorts of intelligence with and supported by machinery in all shapes, but especially techniques & software in a bits and atoms way.
I don’t expect you to read it as the average attention span won’t last even a tweet these days. Allow me to give you the take away on this topic: the average company is sitting on a shit load of data capital and the time is now to unlock it for good, for planet, for people, for profit, for a new type of economy with accordingly the right taxes such as carbon tax (duh) and even a tax on walled gardens.
But ... personally ...
I really think as of 2019 Data & Analytics will be extremely high on the marketing agenda. Terms like growth hide the mask of using data, yet the trend is visible.
Investing more in media, status quo for consultancy & marketing related assignments, calls for a more calculated and/or creative approach. Both actually.
Above all, the short term growth has stagnated and online marketing has become a commodity. Investing in the long term approach based on (more) complex calculated guesses with creative sparkles has the biggest added value for 2019. Less integrated probably, rather refined & specialized in a few disciplines and fewer marketing channels to be cost effective, rather than efficient.
Branding is excepting you're the footprint
Starbucks and McDonald's Team Up to Create a New Sustainable Cup
‘A line in the sand’ - Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches New Plastics Economy Global Commitment to eliminate plastic waste at source
New Class of Metamaterials Changes Physical Properties in Seconds - IEEE Spectrum
Behaviour powered apps ...
Nothing to do with AI - just behavioral at scale with the help of machine learning. Don’t be fooled.
Creative ideas ...
See/hear within a week or two.
d - out.
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