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Update #100

Aaaah. Sunday. It rains. Perfect timing for coffee, some "schniblings" and keeping that nose into the
Update #100
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #100 • View online
Aaaah. Sunday. It rains. Perfect timing for coffee, some “schniblings” and keeping that nose into the books/reads. Got only two reads for you this week and some extra snackbytes.

If you only read one thing, let it be this
Quantum computing. What? Quantum computing. Might want to read a bit about this. Just a bit. To get a sense of what could be happening in the next few months or years to come. I personally think of it as “The Information Quadruple Effect”.
Interesting: Jesus Fucking Cash!
Churches are big business, especially in the USA. And churches… well, that’s kinda ol'skool, isn’t it? Besides the phenomenon that malls are being bought by communities, churches for now, is the fact the media group cooke media group (new type of investors?) even owns up to three churches already. Strange, right? Seems to me business models these days are for more creative than we can imagine. Is it a new vertical or just a creative sustainable commercial community opportunity in this upcoming post-materialistic world (owning to service/hire/using economy)?
Why churches are going into malls
FYI: Safety vs privacy - biased for sure!
The mayor’s office employed a practice that is often used to handle controversial projects: Roll it out first and apologize for it later. Basically, a camera systems was installed, at a $30 mio cost paid by tax payers, no-one knew and it’s already pumping out biased data: These cameras are heavily concentrated in the area south of Interstate 8, neighborhoods where more poor folks and people of color live. We really need to think this through. Especially if we launch some machine learning on this thing.
‘Smart' streetlights in San Diego
Extra: passed my radar (by accident)
This “Anti-Solar Panel” Could Generate Power From Darkness |
That’s it for now.
Warmth to you
d - out.
ps: If you get bored or need some distraction from your ambitions; open up Netflix and have a serie of “Abstract”. Second season just got released this week. Definitely worth the inception. I triggers me, always.
Abstract: The Art of Design | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix
Abstract: The Art of Design | Season 2 Trailer | Netflix
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