Too hot to handle

Hot.Hot.Hot. Links. and something spicy. At the end.
Too hot to handle
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #40 • View online
Hot.Hot.Hot. Links. and something spicy. At the end.

Ryanair vs tour operators
Guess globalization is at its highest ROI, so… lots of companies are expanding horizontally. Close to curation, perfect match with the company’s mission/vision/branding.
While you were sleeping
Other blockchain ideas are growing… like this one: “Letsen” 2.0? In the meanwhile, Bitcoin went over $2.000 per coin.
Mr. Branson started something like a festival of sports. Hard-earned fun. Perfect timing. Not sure what he’ll sell. Or has he got some stock from sport brands like Nike in his portfolio?
Snackable & did you know ... reads
Facebook and Google have dominated smartphone screens for the past three years
Exclusive: Facebook signs BuzzFeed, Vox, others for original video shows | Reuters
Media Companies Line Up to Make Shows for Snap TV
And then this popped up on my radar
Traffic magnet & a hook with the adult industry
Don’t get me wrong, but… the adult scenery/industry fascinates me. It so challenging from an online marketing standpoint and technology is tested (almost always) first in the Pr0n industry.  
But how about getting traffic to adult content? And getting links from websites as well, out of the adult industry? Bad neighbourhoods are a thing, so its not the obvious to do. 
SO… you make a campaign & get some traffic.
But only one link. Adult is hard but in this case, the traffic = 1 > 0 
In the first month after launch, we got more than 78,000 unique visitors to the site from over 165 countries. The site’s social share buttons had over 3,500 Facebook shares & 600 Tweets, and it was shared 275 times on LinkedIn.
Shame they didn’t get the adult industry on the bandwagon by inviting them. Two sides campaigns with a win-win-win outcome are the best.
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