🤔 🤷 🤔 This Is What I See/Question

Guess we all know by now that the new iPhones got released... so I can skip that part for this weeks'
🤔 🤷 🤔 This Is What I See/Question
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Guess we all know by now that the new iPhones got released… so I can skip that part for this weeks’ update. Let’s try something new this week. Updates + “This is what I see” to give you an idea how I look at things. Could be interesting. 
Let me know, what YOU see.

E-com, less important than retail?
This is what I see/question:
Digital maybe important, but e-commerce is far more a strategic channel to serve specific kind of customers than it is a revenue stream. We, marketers, tend to over value e-commerce if it comes to revenue. Actually, this is what e-com really is: Keep one’s finger on the pulse.
US seasonal sales data
and more
This is what i see/question:
Spot the impact of the crash in 2008 and afterwards. Nonstore retailers’ sales is growing strong. Store retailers sales is gently growing. Economy is good now, even better and higher than before. Crash could happen again soon as it is a cycle. November & December are impacted by holiday and shopping sprees. Lots of new customers, but possibly not ‘loyal’ and so budget allocation to the right target audience is off. 
UK online sales data from retailers
El data, here.
This is what I see/question:
Wow non-store retailing. Yet… still a lot of sales offline. If you have both, offline is still the cash cow. Why keep pushing people to keep shopping online while most of the revenue is (often, not in all cases) made offline?
New toys for retailers
What is it? its definitely not a vending machine. Its a pantry box, actually. A simple closet that can be opened with an app. Very disruptive compared to the Amazon Go store if you think about it. Simple and effective. 
Make an account. Open the “Bodega” with the app. Take what you want and the app charges you via your credit card. That’s it. That simple.
This is what I see
Seems like a good tool to scale awareness offline REALLY fast!
Keeping an eye on this
It’s not the first platform to sell or buy data, but it’s very interesting to see that anyone can contribute. Not sure where this is going and if its GDPR compliant… but I’m keeping an eye on this. By all means, data and thus Intelligence in a much broader aspect, eventually is one of the key assets to navigate in this internet-based economy. Don’t you think?

This is what I see/question:
A way to know how much YOUR OWN PERSONAL data could be worth, if your interested. Could give you a hunch of what Facebook is really worth.
What the tracking f*ck, Apple aka HOORAY!
You might have seen it passing by. Apple activated their AI driven intelligent anti ad tracking plugin/software in their browser Safari. Meaning, third-party is having a real hard time these days and it probably will get even worse. 
Which actually brings me to Criteo. 20% exposed revue due to the tracking issue by Apple. Badoooom! There’s a reason why I personally HATE RTB and advertising options like Criteo.
This is what I see/question:
No issues for you, unless you highly depend on third-party based ad providers like RTB. Mass vs (massively) targeted.
Brantano is back!
via Kanaal Z
via Kanaal Z
Totally rebranded, online and offline and generating already +20% more revenue. 
This is what I see/question:
New merchandise = new demand creation. A new retail concept was necessary to get the brand out of that 90’s feel. Same counts for online. A new logo with a simple font, a campaign to push awareness and, once again, FFS, A VERY BAD SEO URL STRUCTURE. But… more interesting, they kept the brand making sure not to lose more people knowing the brand “Brantano”. Renaming the company could have been the last straw that broke the camels’ back.
Other spotted stuff
Nike customizes shoes for ‘sneakerheads’ in under an hour – RetailWire
Nike exec on selling on Amazon - Business Insider
Google aka Skynet 2017
Bring me to Sarah Connor.
That’s it for now.
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