The Power Of Nike

Bought myself some sneakers this week-end. Nikes. Not sure if their marketing had any effect on me bu
The Power Of Nike
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Bought myself some sneakers this week-end. Nikes. Not sure if their marketing had any effect on me but that brand has a profound echo which could be contextualized as cool in my head.

If you only want to read one thing, let it be this
The Nike campaign “Breaking2” shook the world some weeks ago. Well… maybe for some. They invited and trained 3 top athletes, even paid them to skip the marathon in London & Berlin, to run a marathon in less than 2 hours. 3 years in the making, 65 people working on the project. 
They chose the most ideal track, the most ideal date & time, specialized drinks, even a pace car to assist the tempo, … it all would not count as official world record. But they did it. Why? Because its what Nike stands for. Turning brand values into something that will highlight the brand. 
They started creating content in december 2016 and worked towards a unified audience/interest across different social platforms till the day of the marathon.
New media. Full control. Covered in a separate section on Wired and a deal with National Geographic till end of summer, … they managed to get 2 trillion impressions so far and over 600.000 mentions. 
Why I keep buying Nikes
I have a fairly good idea why I keep buying Nikes the last few years. A couple of reasons if I come to think to it, they always had that un-outspoken coolness factor. Not the brand itself actually, but by the settings the were positioned in + the kind of people wearing them. Not because famous people wear them, because the do something special other people don’t have (and thus they became famous).
On a personal level

  • I’m a b-boy fan (used to breakdance) and the early b-boy shoes were the Cortez series (which were actually track shoes) - accompanied by the Adidas Superstar series - I had both.
  • Gary V., wearing Nikes all the time, has definitely had an impact as well, unintentionally 
  • The Art of Design series on Netflix called “Abstract” was a gentle reminder what kind of legacy/story these Cortez Series has/had. So that impacted me as well … and even extra as I’m more into design and art lately (exploring)
  • I recently both myself another pair of Cortez (out nostalgia - best marketing trick ever - I really loved my first nikes), but personalized ones (coolness factor galore)
  • This friday, I bought a new pair of slightly pimped Cortez 2017 series 
  • And… I don’t know… there is something about that Swoosh (not as simple and lame as the three Adidas stripes)
On a macro level
Indirectly, Nike and other sport brands are profiting from the Athleisure trend that is going on. It’s not about fashion. It’s the side-effect of people becoming more aware and investing in themselves, to live a healthier live. Meaning: natural & unprocessed food, mindfullness (yoga), doing sport, … The new casual. Athletic low maintenance durable synthetics combined with the comfort level of leisure & (business) casual clothing. Just add nostalgia to the mix and its perfect ;)
Nike Air Max for instance.
Get it?
Cannes screening of Netflix movie halted after non-stop booing | The Independent
Brief summary and lots of “wooooooew” yelling :)
Interesting times ahead … (don’t forget about Snapchat ;))
If you’re into computer generated art, here are some brilliant accounts to follow:
No more slides ... well... a bit less than
I’m getting sick of all the slides I need to make at work. It takes so much time to cover the context of the message in slides. It takes so much energy to come-up with a decent design and visual representation of the building blocks to tell the story… It’s just a waste of time, for me!
I’m at my strongest when i’m unprepared. I can whiteboard a plan from bottom to top within a few minutes. So I’ll be doubling down on my strengths and will be slowly diverging from making slides to drawing concepts, ideas, mental models and plans… I’m sick of spending my time planning. I should be doing, instead. 
I get it. You need to give board members a slideshow. It’s how this industry works. It’s a tool that supports the leverage to get a buy-in. 
… but fucking hell… i’m wasting your time, making plans all over again. Sick and tired of this shit. A marketing action plan needs to be executed and above all, needs to be agile. This digital world is evolving so fast. It makes no sense to waste your time making slides and slides and slides, again and again…
Back to the slides thing… - goodbye slides …  I bought a slate.
Pen + Paper & Real-time translated to vector (digital drawing)
Draw plan - Discuss plan - Do plan
When possible, I prefer face-to-face conversations/whiteboard sessions
Arty Trying to be Farty ... on Instagram
It has been a few updates since I made some new generative art.
Still a long way to go. If you want to follow the progress, you can find my instagram account here, where I post my data visualizations and data designs. So far only a few.
There’s a community on Tumblr as well,
but Instagram seems to be a bit more sexy (read: more potential to reach a broader audience) for those people.

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