The EU Digital Single Market plan & more

Here should come an intro text but I have no clue how to intro you into this newsletter this week. Th
The EU Digital Single Market plan & more
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #32 • View online
Here should come an intro text but I have no clue how to intro you into this newsletter this week. The most interesting part is the DSM plan of the EU, which will turn the digital growth upside down.

About that Digital Single Market plan ...
While European data policy is getting an update in the next two years (the plan for a Digital Single European Market - 12p PDF), the US is opening up and allows ISP’s to sell part of your privacy based on browser history. To my humble opinion, self-service might be a thing to put on the agenda for any company using personal data.
No-one is ready for this, I think. Few know what opening up the connectivity will initiate in terms of potential & human behaviour. Time to invest in knowing and understanding your customer. Real soon! Mobile, Saying vs doing (data) & Social (advertising) platforms.
What’s the good news?!! By may 2018, no more capped internet & connectivity on mobile. Hooray and also o-ow! I do hope mobile payments will be optimized by than & you’ll be able to switch your mindset about the hub & spokes thing if it comes to conversion.
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5 things you can keep leaning on, over and over again. Simple process to follow. And… keep writing ;)

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