*** The Birthday Edition ***

Saturday, 10th of december, I turned 34. Oh snap! Celebrated in style with drinks & friends. Gin,
*** The Birthday Edition ***
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Saturday, 10th of december, I turned 34. Oh snap! Celebrated in style with drinks & friends. Gin, beer, snacks, … you name it. Also visited Disneyland for the first time. In Paris.
Impressive, I have to admit. Although Disney has been struggling, so it seems, I didn’t notice anything of that, whatsoever. Insane how much people still visit Disneyland & buy merchandising. Mental.
Disney… I got some ideas - call me ;)
Alors …  ;) lets get this show on the road, for this week.

If there is only one thing I want you to read in this update, let it be this 13p PDF with (e-mail) trends for 2017
Last week stats
How about sharing my stats? Why not? Last week was a good one with 41,73% open rate and a 10,07% click rate. The week before that 44,6% open rate and a 12,23% click rate. Actually, it doesn’t matter. 1 is better than 0. And keeps my writing/entertaining & storytelling skills on a decent level.
Most clicked last week
If you missed last weeks update, here are the top five clicked items:
It's that time of year again
2016 is running on its end. 2017 is luring around the corner. The traditional trends & recaps are hitting the blogosphere. Here’s a selection that is worth your time reading.

More on e-mail marketing
And that’s it for e-mail. The rest was plain shit.
Crossed my radar
Below: It’s real alright. Products with search query titles, one on one. Good move IKEA. Some clever stuff. Love it.
Ikea has a website answering Search Queries with products
Ikea has a website answering Search Queries with products
Below: in this video Breitbart gets a tick on the fingers by The Weather Channel for using an unrelated video to back up their story on global warming. Well… kind of normal they do as their about us page says it all.
… and original reporting curated and written specifically for the new generation of independent and conservative thinkers. [link full about]
Looking at the amount of ads on the website, this is clearly a page-view model ;-) sensation galore!
Below: I’m keeping an eye on VR, real close. The NYT is heavily investing in it. With these L.A. Noir VR movies. You might haven’t noticed. Check the top left corner of the site. The NYT is heavily focused on today’s use of the internet: mobile first.
Below: more on VR. Play pool in a bar? Sure we can but … don’t forget. It’s VR. There is no table ;)
VR for exploring high involvement products? Cars. A perfect match, right? Jaguar is already offering this with the HTC Vive.
And there’s this idea: SplitVR.
More stuff
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" Picture of the week
No generative art this time. Mirrorgraphs instead. Three pieces added into an Instagram frame ;) Design is big on Instagram, you know.
Track of the week
Actually, multiple tracks. Seen the YTRewind Challenge yet?

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