🤷 The Abbreviated Titels Issue 🤷 HC17, DCN, WWIII & E-com links 🤷

Here should be some reason for you to open this issue but that wouldn't make any sense 'cause you've
🤷 The Abbreviated Titels Issue 🤷 HC17, DCN, WWIII & E-com links 🤷
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #52 • View online
Here should be some reason for you to open this issue but that wouldn’t make any sense ‘cause you’ve already reading this, right? So… 
Another week passed by, interesting stuff happened.

El Cycle de Hype 2017
Always interesting to see what’s on the hype cycle in the next few years. Lots of items have shift. Seems like the items from 2016 are totally wiped out of this graph (like every year). 
There’re two things interesting about the cycle:
1) You can raise a red flag for the bull-shitto-bingo-buzz-words agencies will use in the next few months - so you know they way too unpractical for you (and themselves as well)
2) The digital platform thing is real, what I personally like to call Conversion Architecture: a mesh of connectivity (ex: IOT), flexibility (Personalized) and expressibility (ex: Conversional UI) backed by Intelligence steering Marketing Communication and Interactive User Experience by Design adapted to the devices and/or experiences consumers care about
Digital-first Cinematographic News is the (next) shit
There’s an interesting thing moving these days in the news sections. As we all know the standard short snippet news we see at seven or eight pm on Television, the mid-long version is getting shaped by major digital-first media channels and spread across YT, HBO and other related watch-on-my-time/demand channels. Yes, even Snapchat. Content created based on news and facts, told and filmed in a way you can feel this message as a human. Not some stiff reporter stuck in a corporate media company. At the bottom-end, you have the new soap/life-style programs made by normal people - the creative or storytelling ordinary people like you and me. 
Two excellent examples below - directed, genuine and cinematographic romantic, in a way. Post Louis Theroux, how I would describe it, but digital/online first & with movie related film techniques. Storytelling thus.
via newsletter of Fredo De Smet - http://www.fredodesmet.com
via newsletter of Fredo De Smet - http://www.fredodesmet.com
Another example: Beme news, same thing but a slightly different approach in cut & way of filming, but also that charismatic cinematographic touch to it. Just launched. 4 vids in and 167k subscribers already. 
Only 4 updates - +200k views per vid & counting
Only 4 updates - +200k views per vid & counting
It’s digital interest-based first content creation where context (social media text mining and search behaviour) is there to grab (for free) with the techniques of movie making with digital equipment. Translated insights, wrapped into a good packaging, … It’s the gateway to society, from bottom up. Yours to use it in an intelligent way.
WWIII, it's already here
What is the alt right? A linguistic data analysis of 3 billion Reddit comments shows a disparate group that is quickly uniting — Quartz
Screen time is no interesting metric
E-com & retail related reads
Campaigns are like Link building, same mindset
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