[TESTED] FB tactics for you + extra's

First week of 2017 and already killing it? I hope you do.Nothing much to tell about my life now. Very
[TESTED] FB tactics for you + extra's
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First week of 2017 and already killing it? I hope you do.
Nothing much to tell about my life now. Very busy & focused on the label right now and a very first record label night. Not in Belgium. In Norway! Oh, my blog will get a revival soon. Will kill some of my blogposts & only write 6 or 12 pieces of +10K articles.

I love to mix it up a bit in this newsletter. From tactic to strategic and back to creative with performance and data. That’s what I love to do the most. So.. let me give you some ideas/advice.
Don't focus on clicks from Facebook
Facebook is still seen as a traffic channel, like Adwords, although it isn’t. Still lots of people that need to figure that out. Putting a message out there is often more valuable than the direct traffic you get. It’s low cost & gets results, over a longer period of time. Shame most of us marketers lack the patience or get the chance to spread the effort/effect over a longer period of time, hence the need for thinking in a project-kinda way instead of a task-kinda way.
Video is has to be a huge part of your marketing mix, RIGHT NOW! It’s low-cost distribution and I know it works, although I never got to beat this € per view anymore until this day.
5 step process to be EFFECTIVE on FB
I hear you. Video is hard & expensive to make, if you want the hero stuff. Well.. skip the hero stuff & try this instead:
  1. Shoot some snaps with Snapchat telling your story/message (cheapest creative video tool right now on the market)
  2. Save your story
  3. Download your story to your photos
  4. Upload the movie to your FB page
  5. Add €5 or €10 targeting your own FB page fans (and their friends)
Here’s the ad, below.
The comments & likes, below
I have a good view on who’s in the list of fans. So getting to know your audience is key. My goal was to get more demos from people who know what I look for. Focusing on my own fans decreases the loss in time going through demos of people who have no clue what the label stands for, it improves engagement towards fans, … etc.
Based on the metrics, this ad is plain shit, right? Average watch time of only 4s? HAHAHAHA. The stuff the marketer only gets to see, the reach & clicks, right? And if he’s lucky, the direct and assisted conversions, which are mostly second to none in 80% of the cases, right?
Here’s a secret: most people convert on other channels :)
€3,26 in ad spend has got me more over 10 really good demos for my record label in under 3 days. 
Lets be brutally honest. An 12" EP all-in costs €1.000 (finding a good artist, mastering, pressing, promo, etc.). I only need 2 EP’s per year at this moment but it takes me weeks to find a really good artist that matches the vision of the label. And so I STOPPED MY AD! (stuff companies don’t do). Done. 
The result? 1 person has signed up. 3 are working on improving the tracks after feedback. I’m keeping an eye out on another 2. So … my next two years of scheduling releases is already fulfilled. Mission accomplished. €3,26 well spend ;)
4 downloads you should get
You should get this. Really! They might seem fluffy, but they’re so essential to get to doing the right things. Heads-up: You need to leave your credentials in order to download, but do it. Its worth it.
Extra: I’ve been cleaning up my online presence today by taking down my old website driesbultynck.be where I used to blog three times a week on tactical marketing stuff. Very practical stuff, still useful until this day. You can download the full static website here if you want. Copy, re-use, whatever… 
Like mentioned in the intro: will kill some of my blogposts on my current website driesbultynck.com & only write 6 or 12 pieces of +10K articles per year on bigger topics, mostly based on lateral thinking (strategy & vision). Skills can be learned. As well as the art of learning. More news soon.
Long reads
A reading list to help understand average Americans — Quartz
Protectionist trade policies like the ones favored by Donald Trump helped hasten the decline of America's TV manufacturers — Quartz
Spotted this week
Got this in the mail via Alain. If you’re into Scifi, check his newsletter.
Ridley Scott is developing a virtual reality experience for Alien: Covenant - Syfy Wire | SyfyWire
Saudi Arabian video on women's rights goes viral - Playing B-Ball & pls God, get rid of men
"Arty Trying To Be Farty" video of the week
Another week. Another shot at trying to be a fancy pants, with this animation: Particles connected to lines.
Track of the week
Something filthy this week. Something harsh. 808!
I-F - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less
I-F - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less
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