Tee's 👕 that Zuck, A $4K Renault 🚗 & The Carwash Case 🌊

I'm sorry if you think I used a clickbait title. I don't intent to, yet... coming up with a title the
Tee's 👕 that Zuck, A $4K Renault 🚗 & The Carwash Case 🌊
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I’m sorry if you think I used a clickbait title. I don’t intent to, yet… coming up with a title these days that doesn’t sound boring is hard.

Marketing stunt or how fashion really works?
Zuckerberg Shirt
Think 'bout it: GDPR does not exist in 'mmmmmmerica!
! Clickbait ! but it makes you wonder how much people actually know how complex and how much work and resources go into connecting these dots. It’s a no-brainer that this is very valuable. It’s a no-brainer that this is very expensive. 
Wat als Tomorrowland alles met je data en privacy zou mogen doen? Of doen ze dat al?
Keeping a wide perspective
As my job is very humble and even within digital, to me, siloed, I have the urge to learn as fast as a I can. Informing myself with economical news, odd newsflashes and global ideas or thoughts keep my well informed, as much as I can be. I’m not a strategist, but I do like to be well informed.
Hence why these interesting dots of info, for you to connect ;)
The pride of ownership in India?
A $4,000 Renault
The Carwash case
Ankle Bracelets Are Brazil's Newest Must-Have
Build the machine that builds the machine
Jump on the data-driven content train ... NOW
I get blamed a lot that I push very hard with the agency to work with data, wherever possible. Yes, I love to dive into data and scan for opportunities, change them into a strategic tactical plan. Yes I would love to be involved in anything data-related at the office… because its the gateway to making things that are less to none scalable and can have a profound impact. It makes you stop wondering about why and what to make. It covers all of that. It gives you space to wonder about how to make it cool! … (and impact distribution)
Spotted stuff: Brexit héh?
News sites are giving a helping hand … 
Kind of a big deal?
Musk Breaks The Internet With Boring Company Tweets | CleanTechnica
'Ok, Google ... Kill the management dashboard'
Like many others, I personally think voice will have a tremendous impact on our personal live, as well as our work. So … last thursday, I ordered a Google Home (which can do a thing or two) via Ebay (it still exists, yes, its not all Amazon) out of the UK.
This is one of the biggest reasons why I ordered one:
Ask a Question, Get an Answer in Google Analytics - YouTube
Ask a Question, Get an Answer in Google Analytics - YouTube
You invest lots of hours into making the damn thing work, beautiful to please ego and always contains very superficial and high-level marketing or business metrics. And. Thats it. It simply shows a snapshot of how the business is doing, not what you should focus on. 
And. THE WORST THING OF ALL. This is where every management dashboard goes after a few days or weeks: the graveyard.
Its an EGO tool. Its a mean to an end to create buy-in. 
ITS WORTHLESS. It frustrates people that need to make them. If not used, its simply a waste of time. Not the C-dude(tte)’s time, but the marketers time. So… FUCK YOU! (and yes, I mean that).
So… I would like to experiment with this thing and get Analytics hooked to pass me some data or insights out of the API. Heck.. there are even analytics integrations for Google Home actions. There are even already monetizing options available for Alexa. Shit is fucked up.
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