Streetview = Cars = Votes & more ... CWI#72

Processes are for structuring ideas Processes are translated in mental models - not stored in documen
Streetview = Cars = Votes & more ... CWI#72
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #72 • View online
Processes are for structuring ideas 
Processes are translated in mental models - not stored in documents.
Methodologies are for execution & help you learn faster
Often the last step is the one that doesn’t get tackled
Focus especially on the last step

Creative With Intelligence - a good example
When I need to explain people what is being creative and especially, how can you be creative with intelligence, I find it hard to explain. I think this example below is one way to express the term:
Being creative with intelligence is all about captivating an idea or any kind of asset and turn it into any kind of output (short-term) or even outcome (long-term). The process is called creativity, yet its only the methodology that separates us from execution. The methodology is also your own way to process information & to iterate and improve on execution (check the end of the article, to understand what I mean). 
Shit is getting weird & privacy will be big $$$$$$
There are a few trends we’ve all probably been noticing in the past few months, years, haven’t we? Big data, AI is a hot topic as well as the shift even governments are making towards a more digital and thus 1 and 0 processing world of information. As technology isn’t actually evolving but rather are a set of technologies connecting the dots. The visualization of the technology is actually the wow-factor for consumers in many cases: the interface and the simpleness of using that technology.  
Yet… with GDPR in mind… I can’t wrap my head around how a theoretical approach it actually is, if you question these items below. My credentials don’t matter, it’s actually just a matter of security. Yet, I wonder more about the ability to dive into my psyche by companies. In the next few years, big brands, following the big cash streams in the world: energy, food, luxury and of course transportation will profit from this. 
Nissan’s Brain-to-Vehicle tech lets you control your car with your thoughts
I would make sense that social media companies dive into these streams of hardware. Amazon will be making cars soon i guess. Makes a lot of sense. But who will protect the data? Government? Don’t think so. Private firms or a subscription model based own-your-own data. Probably not the last one as the digital gap is growing, very fast and even faster in niches of digital services/skills. Who will control the consumer-data? And who will be creative with the meta data, describing the consumer-data? The one who figures out how to let people trust you with shared privacy, are going to build one heck of a brand (confirmation by Forrester - item 9)! The fitness and health tracking industry will be big for that matter.
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Machine learning everywhere
Better fitness with ML
Better fitness with ML
Named Perch, the new fittech outfit aims to track movements and exercises of athletes, such as weightlifting - something the startup says current fitness technology fails to address - and capture a complete picture of athlete movement. This data is then delivered to coaches and personal trainers.
“This helps to improve motivation and informs elite athletes, weekend warriors, and retirees alike of what they can be doing to move more powerfully, efficiently, and safely,” explains Perch CEO and co-founder, Jacob Rothman. “Perch is still a young; we are currently running several pilot programs in the Boston area.”
Scaling with you as you grow, Perch allows you to create workouts, surveys, assign velocity thresholds as well as deliver content directly to an on-rack tablet. Here, the user can view and annotate historical data and workout video or export data as a CSV for integration into your current workflow.
We’ll see a lot of those things soon. ML improving current  things we already do and is a perfect add-on for the next wearables in fitness. The computer will tell us how to perfect everything when the first bricks are in place. Hardware will help software to tell us what to perfect. Software will become hardware again to make the circle whole.
That’s it for this week.
d - out.
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