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🐶 (SP|AD)optify & more - CWI#78

🐶 (SP|AD)optify & more - CWI#78
By Dries Bultynck • Issue #78 • View online

Passed the radar: Dog meets dog
I’ve seen this link passing by a few times this week but no-one noticed its a simple link attracting to my website campaign :) . A nice doorway page. Cool idea though, but clicking further on the site/productservice, links you to the website. Guess none viewed it actually. Not sure.
Munich Animal Shelter: Adoptify the Puppies - YouTube
Munich Animal Shelter: Adoptify the Puppies - YouTube
221 fresh links, linking to the website.
Not bad right. Some creativity goes a long way. If you have no tool available for checking links, do it with a google search :) and what did you spot? Yep… picked up by the big boys on Adweek for instance :)
PR goes a long way.
Interesting reads
Why hiring the ‘best’ people produces the least creative results | Aeon Ideas
How Automation Will Change Work, Purpose, and Meaning
On Seriously Rethinking the Digital Economy - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
Business is having a 'morality moment'. It could become a movement | World Economic Forum
A different kind of shopping center
The shopping centre dedicated to repaired and recycled goods
Forecasting results, never a good idea
Something agencies get to deal with, _a lot_: can you give me an estimation of the amount of reach, clicks, engagement, … we’ll receive. Well… we don’t. Even when we have some experience with these digital and fresh channels, … we know how to act upon their data and results, yet we can’t forecast them without taking in account as much factors as possible. 
Below a good example of my own mobile smartphone data of the last few years. 2015 spiked and this forecast is only based on time and mobile data. So it can’t be right! 
Forecasting is hard, and especially with only a few factors available.
Google Tag Manager Container Boilertemplate
Been blogging since 2008 and I started of with SEO. As I have grown organically in this Analytical interest, I’m going to focus on giving practical advice by sharing GTM containers, reports and how to read this data so you can used it for practical purposes. Updates follow. Keep an eye on my twitter & linkedin.
GitHub - Parafix/google-tag-manager
To Power the Future, Carmakers Flip on 48-Volt Systems - The New York Times
That’s it for this week.
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